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I agree with this; however, I wouldn't say "solidarity with the oppressed" or "non-violent resistance" without qualification.

Solidarity with the redeemable oppressed, the sinners who are lost and to be found, is apt. One is not in solidarity with oppressed demonic spirits unable to repent. Let them change if they are able or go the way of Satan into the proverbial Lake of Fire where sin is burned up or out. Then, if anything but dross is left, so be it. How can it be otherwise?

"Resistance" must be within, which is to say to resist temptation to do evil. Human-on-human coercive resistance is still a level of offense. Appealing to righteousness, calling to righteousness, demonstrating righteousness, those are the things that Jesus does. He did clean the temple though, but consider that the temple was also his body. The temple building was to be a voluntary place to be with known rules before one enters. The temple was, and is, his to do with as he saw, and still sees, fit.

We aren't calling each other high enough. It makes this plane of existence that much harder.

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