[Re-Nationalize Mammon!] The Omaha Platform: Launching the Populist Party

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

I don't agree with every plank of this platform, but I do agree with a large portion of it. For instance:

"We demand a national currency, safe, sound, and flexible, issued by the general government only, a full legal tender for all debts, public and private, and that without the use of banking corporations, a just, equitable, and efficient means of distribution direct to the people, ... also by payments in discharge of its obligations for public improvements."

This is the modern Greenbackers position as well. The government would re-nationalize the currency and spend it directly into the system for whatever the people want through their democratic choices. I prefer consensus to coercive-democratic, but what we have now is a plutocracy by elitists who dupe the minions into believing that they, the duped and minions, could never choose wisely. It's not true. The only thing missing is the will to not do the bidding of the evil ones, to not cave into their bribes, their appeals to ... shortsighted selfishness.

The re-nationalized money would be issued interest-free. It would be used to payoff legitimate bond holders and not the banksters who have perpetrated a massive fraud on the people via the Federal Reserve System. Fractional-reserve banking would be no-longer. The supposed need to borrow at usury (an inherent evil from Hell) would be eliminated, as the people could create funding for anything the people need and want. The quantity of money, the money supply, the amount of money in circulation and savings, would be pegged exactly to real productivity and not to so-called finance capitalism. Hence, there would be no inflation or deflation.

The government, the people's government, would put everyone to work who needs work and can do work and is not now able to get it. The work would be whatever needs doing and all with an eye to quality and not "profits" in mammon. Quality would be quality of life for everyone, which necessarily means the workers themselves, the people.

The people's government would also educate everyone without charge. Everyone could work and learn at the same time, learning the highest skills known to humanity, with the only barrier being the individuals learning capacity. There would be no blocking by the people of the people.

This would completely eliminate poverty. It would go a long way, and eventually all the way, to restoring the environment. It would be the best that can be done in every aspect of life in the flesh. It is translatable to every nation-state and would at first reduce and then eliminate wars.

I believe, no I know, it comes out from God. I know it is consistent with the message of Jesus Christ. For those who don't see it that way but who still agree with re-nationalizing the currency, there need be no violence between us.

In the end, this would lead to the elimination of the evil that is money (means of exchange) itself. Hallelujah!

We don't need to trade. We need to give each other what we need. It's simple. Don't let the "economists" dupe you. They don't study how to run the house that is the planet and Universe. They don't know how to run it correctly. Their doctrines stink. Let them see the light and change to righteousness and away from the spirit of mammon, whether gold or otherwise.

Know this. Gold is a bubble. It's only a matter of time as to when it bursts. It is not the real currency. The real currency is faith. It is love, peace, truth, mercy, forgiveness, and all the rest of the good.

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