[This is "Liberal" Zionist Trickery] "Who is Organizing the World-wide Hatred of Israel Movement?"

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"The world loved us when we founded the State of Israel and defended it with our blood. A day after the Six-day War, the whole world applauded us. They loved us when we were David, they hate us when we are Goliath."

The whole world did not love the State of Israel in 1948, far from it. Also, this David/Goliath meme is crap. Israel was not David to the Arabs' Goliath. Any proper reading of history will show that. Even the Zionists insiders at the time openly admitted to it later.

"SOME OF the protest groups could not care less. Their actions are not addressed to the Israeli public, but to international opinion.

"I don't mean the anti-Semites, who are trying to hitch a ride on this movement. They are a negligible force. Neither do I mean those who believe that the creation of the State of Israel was a historical mistake to start with, and that it should be dismantled."

That's written by a true Zionist. It means that those who know that Israel was created illegally and by means of terrorism and wars of aggression don't matter. It's a post-hypnotic suggestion that you ought to throw off! Don't fall for this psychological mumbo-jumbo. Uri Avnery sucks in people by avoiding the issues that don't work for Zionism. He can't and won't address them head on.

"If the world protest is clearly focused on the settlements, it will indeed cause many Israelis to realize that there is a clear line between the legitimate State of Israel and the illegitimate occupation."

There is no legitimate State of Israel. I'm tired of these "liberal" Zionists spreading the garbage, and you should be too. What is being passed off as the State of Israel is illegal. The UN resolutions clearly show it. No "facts on the ground" can change the illegitimacy of what the Zionists have done since before 1948! The UN was designed to prevent exactly what the Zionists have done since the establishment of the UN. Of course, many of the acts of the US render it too a lawless state. Many nation-states are lawless. In fact, one is hard pressed to come up with any that are not. That though does not excuse the most blatant claims to specialness while doing the exact opposite (that is, exactly what was done to some Jews that they use as an excuse to steal land).

This article is just J Street in Israel.

Israel is 100% stolen land. Only some Jews own land in the commonly understood ethically obtained sense, not that I hold with that kind and place of "private" as the end-all-be-all. God wants sharing in righteousness, period.

Anyway, the two-state solution is dead on arrival.

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