U.S. District Judge, William T. Moore Jr., in Evil, Insane ruling declares Troy Davis can't have a new trial | savannahnow.com

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"Amnesty International USA officials, who have backed the Davis appeals effort, said evidence 'continues to cast doubt over the case.'

'Nobody walking out of that hearing could view this as an open-and-shut case,' Larry Cox, the group's executive director who attended the June hearing, said in a prepared statement. 'The testimony that came to light demonstrates that doubt still exists, but the legal bar to proving innocence is set so high it was virtually insurmountable. It would be utterly unconscionable to proceed with this execution, pure and simple.'"

The U.S. District Judge in this case, William T. Moore Jr., wrote, "Of his seven 'recantations,' only one is a meaningful, credible recantation."

He's insane. If someone is convicted on the testimony of seven people who then come forward recanting their testimonies, then the very least that the system should do is hold a new trial.

This judge wrote that the jurors would still have voted to convict. He can't know that. Those same jurors may have felt a huge weight of seven witnesses for the prosecution. Take those testimonies away or have them testify then as they do now, and those jurors could very well have voted "not guilty."

These sorts of rulings really make it clear that the judicial system is very corrupt.

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