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Kill the Federal Reserve! This is suppressed history in the United States. The banksters don't want you to know that American history is the history of class struggle between the Plutocrats and their minions and sycophants on one hand and the people on the other. The people have won before and can win again, even forever. Stop electing minions and sycophants such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama, et al. Choose only those who will kill the Fed and re-nationalize the money (create United States Notes — real Greenbacks). We don't need gold. Gold is for suckers. You can't eat it. Fiat currency has worked very well in history relative to gold. The rich have the gold. If we go to that, they'll just be richer relative to everyone else who will scarcely have any "money." If we handle things correctly, we won't even need money at all.

The Greenbackers Party is the way to go. Populism is the way to go. Get back to your roots. Up the people, not the plutocrats. Don't kill them. Just let the them down gently, doing unto to them what they don't do unto anyone else they hate.

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