U.S. economic recovery is a fabrication of government and media

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The U.S. government has been underreporting inflation to mask its lower (recession/depression) actual GDP. Jeff Nielson correctly states, "... every percentage-point of inflation which is swept under the carpet can be added to GDP."

Higher interest rates are used by the monetarists to curb inflation, but a higher Fed rate means more money going to pay interest on debt and not to real productivity. It reduces GDP. The government is stuck trying to play the shell game more deceptively. Other governments know this. China knows this and is not buying U.S. bonds but rather has sold off trillions of dollars worth.

Who then is buying up the bonds being issued to cover the existing interest payments on pre-existing bonds and other debts? The Federal Reserve is. This is the snake eating its own tail while its leaders hope to survive in luxury before they die into greater Hell for what they are doing and have done to others.

How then do we get out of this mess deliberately created by the banksters to run everyone else into the dirt? The answer is to change systems.

  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve.
  • Re-nationalize the U.S. currency by declaring all Federal Reserve Notes to be interest-free United States Notes (real greenbacks, not this phony stuff that comes with debt to the banksters).
  • Issue those new United States Notes directly into the economy to pay for whatever real productivity the people want: infrastructure, mass transit, solar and wind and geothermal projects (nationalized — meaning no utility bills to the common citizenry), and any other things the people want.
  • Issue currency only for real productivity and not for finance-capitalist projects that are not truly productive but are rather means by which others take unfair cuts from the real productive labor of the masses.
  • Use the new notes to completely pay off the National Debt but not to the fraudsters who crashed the system after ramming through evil, anti-liberal devices and schemes to allow them to execute the massive fraud they've done.
  • Make this all a constitutional amendment so the banksters cannot reverse it. Do that even after passing statutes to get it all up and running.
  • Be sure to do away with usury while you're at it. Usury is any interest on a debt.

Frankly, with this new system, there need be no debts whatsoever and certainly no taxes. It would lead to a moneyless society where the people by consensus simply decree the good and righteous things they want to accomplish. It would be the removal of debt and taxes and poverty.

This comes right out from the Holy Spirit, as it is all completely consistent with the New Testament message of Jesus Christ.

Spreading this new system around the world would also eliminate wars. It would create a New World Order but nothing like the one envisioned by the plutocrats. It would usher in the real NWO envisioned by Jesus.

I should add that the new currency should surely be used to employ all the unemployed (full employment now). The new jobs should be permanent and public. They should go hand-in-hand with automatic, publicly funded higher education (high-skills training). The only thing holding people back should be the limitations of their brains and not the lack of money or the lack of willingness to be utterly selfish/evil.

Of course, the ... is this vision but enhanced. The difference is that it translates mammon now into the system that won't need mammon at all within itself, the Commons.

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