Financial System Headed South [actually Hell]

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"Let's say we have a world full of economies that shepherd their currencies responsibly and circulate only money that is essentially the equivalent of their GDP and their asset base divided by their population. There would be no reason to own gold. The systems that issue money should own the gold. If we lived in a world where our governments and our financial institutions and systems were trustworthy, there would be no reason to own gold and invest in gold."

Well, let's make that a Constitutional amendment: circulate only money that is equivalent to GDP and where GDP is not finance-capitalism related. Let's circulate only interest-free money, debt-free money, and tax-free money. It's doable with the stroke of a pen. Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Nationalize all Federal Reserve Notes. Issue United States Notes to pay off the National Debt and to pay for hiring all (100%) of the unemployed into needed work that develops into better and better work with higher and higher skills and fulfillment, etc. Why push gold investments rather than quality-of-life investments for everyone? Let's be ethical rather than selfish. Let's do what's right rather than simply what will hedge against the evil plutocrats.

The gold bugs are talking up gold so they will see their gold investments skyrocket. They should be pushing for the correction to the fiat system that we all need.

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