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Valassis/redplum Opt out: huge grocery fliers in the US Postal Service mail — waste of trees and energy

To be removed from our mailing list, choose one of the options below:
Complete the online form below and click send
Call Valassis' Consumer Assistance Line: 800-437-0479 (8:30 am — 5:00 pm EST)
Return the form by U.S. mail
Your address removal from our mailing list is valid for a five-year period. To continue the suppression of your address, you'll need to contact us again before the end of the first five-year period.
All fields in the form are required except Phone# and Email. Apt / Unit# is required if your address has one.
Name: *
(Please include your full name as it will act as your signature)
Address: *
Apt / Unit #: (Required if your address has an Apt / Unit #)
City *
State, Zip Code: * *
Phone#: (Optional)
Email Address: (Optional)
I understand that Valassis will remove my residential address from their mailing list and it will take 5 to 6 weeks to fully become effective.

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