t r u t h o u t [my foot] | Lambasting the GOP, Obama Proposes $50 Billion for Roads, Rails and Runw

| Each side of this false center-right-to-center-left political spectrum is insane!

Raise money via selling interest-bearing treasury bonds to the Federal Reserve that can't sell them to anyone else because the Fed and conservative-Republican cronies (Phil Gramm, et al.) aided by Blue Dog Democrats and Democratic Leadership Council types (Bill Clinton and Al Gore, et al.) debauched the currency. Use the money borrowed from the Fed, which didn't have the money to lend it except that the government borrowed it (magic), to build roads and runways and railroads that run on oil. Then tax oil to pay for it all. However, the people still pay the price of it all, and the people who collect the interest, paid from taxes collected from the people, get the lion's share of fleeting Ponzi-scheme profits while they strangle and bleed the goose that is laying that supposed golden egg. Brilliant such schemers are not.

We have here Obama and his "team" arguing for $50 billion for those roads and runways and railroads plus the tax hikes. We have "Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., his party's leader in the Senate," and "Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, the Republican leader in the House," both arguing against Obama but for what? Do you hear them offering a way to end the Ponzi scheme? You do not! All they do is echo the nonsense from the more-so neolibs of the global Ponzi scheme itself. They are just worse than Obama, and Obama's terrible.

What is t r u t h o u t doing? The trend around there is toward greater and greater mainstreaming of their output? The linked article is "by: Steven Thomma | McClatchy Newspapers" for crying out loud! McClatchy is not radical. Truthout used to be radical. Sure, it would repeat the mainstream when it suited the radical agenda, but what's going on now? This McClatchy article doesn't touch the real issues. It actually ignores them. You know Steven Thomma and McClatchy Newspapers know what the real issues are. You know they know that the Federal Reserve is a house of cards constructed of, by, and for the bankster plutocrats to drink the people's blood and eat their flesh. Yet, Truthout sends this out as one of their top 5 articles of the week. Shame!

Not only that, but it indicates that the people are falling for it, again. The "it" here is the Obama "change" crap. What change? Obama is not, never has been, and if his history is any indication, never will be, real change. He was the worst choice for capitalizing on the housing crash — the debt crisis — manufactured by the plutocrats for the plutocrats. Why is that? He squandered the clear timing. He allowed the bailout of the banksters to stand and to continue. He misdirected the stimulus spending. He did not instantly rein in the banksters via anti-racketeering, anti-trust, and anti-fraud actions. He kept Bush-43's economic team. He reappointed Ben Bernanke. He did not move to thoroughly audit the Federal Reserve in broad daylight and then shut it down. He has not moved to re-nationalize the currency. He continued the terrible Pentagon budget and allowed the torturers and war criminals and perpetrators of 9/11 (the inside job) to walk.

Punishment is a different matter. First, establish the facts for the sake of a more informed people.

Where is the leadership? The leadership is hidden by the very mainstream that Truthout is aiding and abetting because Truthout doesn't turn around and critique the Steven Thommas and their work that should never see the light of day on a radical site without such a critique tied directly in. At least such critiques should be the norm if they can't be churned out quite fast enough to satisfy the likes of Yours Truly.

Where's the End the Federal Reserve System and institute the Greenbackers' Plan for interest-free United States Notes to instantly pay off the Nation Debt and to spend directly into the economy for those roads and runways and railroads that would be used by vehicles running on clean, non-greenhouse, agro-beneficial (not robbing) energy rather than oil? Who needs tax hikes or breaks when we don't need taxes in the first place?

Why is this not catching on like wild fire? Why is everyone asleep and hypnotized by the powers that be? Where are the minds that can take the best from the left and libertarians and dump the bad across-the-board? Where's the consensus on ending the Ponzi scheme — the banksters' scam — plutocrat leeches?

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