Twitter Digest: September 11, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: August 27, 2010 #

  2. Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence #

  3. Why are Americans putting up with this lie: "nation's 9.5 percent unemployment rate." It's really double that. All the economists know it. #

  4. The way to completely eliminate unemployment and to end this depression is via public hiring and publicly financed high-skills training. #

  5. Put people to work NOW! There are tons of things that need doing. The government (We the people) need to hire the unemployed to do them. #

  6. Eliminate the National Debt. Re-nationalize the currency. Take away the banksters' power. Issue money interest-free right into the economy! #

  7. Stop listening to Ben Bernanke on one hand & the deficit hawks on the other. They are all wrong! The banksters caused the crash on purpose. #

  8. People are suckers for the banksters' con games. Re-nationalize the money, and do away with usury. Get it out of your heart! Save your soul. #

  9. @tweetmeme I got a 502 error on the TweetMeme site #

  10. Don't Call It Combat: US Troops Still Fighting Iraq War In Everything But Name #

  11. Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed #

  12. Reading Lovaas, Scott: Manufacturing Consent in Democratic South Africa: Applicaton of Propaganda ... on Scribd #readcast #

  13. My Scribd upload: "Who is the Family of Humanity, and Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?" by Tom Usher #

  14. Reading Who is the Family of Humanity, And Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat on Scribd #readcast #

  15. On Scribd: "Who is the Family of Humanity, And Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?" . via @AddToAny #

  16. Now on the RLCC/CCP blog: "Who is the Family of Humanity, and Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?" #

  17. On "The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam"; Chapter, "Knowledge and Religious Experience," by Muhammad Iqbal #

  18. #

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    Twitter just fixed things so I can now see who retweeted. #

  20. Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber Cover Up- The Body Scanner Scam #

  21. Mossad pretends to be U.S. Intelligence #

  22. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #burien #politics #environment #christian #economics #energy #

  23. Going Over the Cliff.mp4 #

  24. Foursquare? Watched Consumerism on steroids — it's the plastic life. Buy, binge, bye to life. PR dreams. #

  25. Jews That Lived In Palestine Tell Their Story #

  26. Masara 27 August 2010.m4v #

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  28. Glenn Beck on Fox News Sunday After Restoring Honor #

  29. Not a good day #

  30. "Most economists in a recent survey said they approved of the Federal Reserve's current course." Most mafia members say the Don is right. #

  31. Food, Medicine- truth in advertising #

  32. The "CO2 is Plant Food" Crock #

  33. Climate Denial Crock of the Week: "The Earth is Carbon Starved." #

  34. On the Edge with Joern Berninger - 27 August 2010 (2/2) #

  35. On the Edge with Joern Berninger (1/2) #

  36. The roof is on fire - China sell-off of US Treasuries #

  37. Local farms could be illegal #

  38. KINGDOM COME ~ Free CD ~ #

  39. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 1 of 10 #

  40. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 3 of 10 #

  41. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 4 of 10 #

  42. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 5 of 10 #

  43. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 2 of 10 #

  44. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 6 of 10 #

  45. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 7 of 10 #

  46. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 8 of 10 #

  47. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 9 of 10 #

  48. Evidence Of Revision - Part 1 - 10 of 10 #

  49. UN warns situation in southern Pakistan could worsen as flood relief continues #

  50. Excerpt About The 16th Amendment And The Federal Reserve Act From 'America: Freedom To Fascism' #

  51. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 1- Quantity over Quality #

  52. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 3 —Predictable War By-the-Numbers #

  53. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 2 -False Wars for Corporate Profits #

  54. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 4 - Who is the Enemy? #

  55. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 5 - South Vietnamese Forced from their Farms #

  56. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 6 -Consumerism Good #

  57. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 9 -Gadgets vs. Guerrillas #

  58. OKC: Dress Rehearsal for 9/11 False Flag Operation? #

  59. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 10 - We are Still Clueless #

  60. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 8 -Tet Offensive Clears Way for NVA #

  61. U.S. Military Defeated in Vietnam: Part 7 -Border Fence/Wall Not Built to Keep NVA Out #

  62. AFPAK 2009 is 1979 Deja View "All Over Again" #

  63. Stephen Hawking says God isn't necessary. He would have asked Jesus to heal him. Stand up & walk, Stephen, without technology but on faith. #

  64. While the EPA will semi-regulate greenhouse gases & pollutants that harm health, Republicans are mostly for greenhouse gases & pollutants! #

  65. "Barrios and his husband separated..., and he has been enduring a tough divorce." What Satan hath joined together, let any man put asunder. #

  66. 150 Israeli academics [still wrong-headed Zionists though] pledge to boycott settlements #

  67. U.S. District Judge, William T. Moore Jr., in Evil, Insane ruling declares Troy Davis can't have a new trial #

  68. [Pakistan flooding] "Not just a natural disaster" | Kamila Shamsie - China Dialogue via @AddToAny #

  69. Why Americans should oppose Zionism #

  70. Israeli education ministry approves new "whites-only" settlement school - International Middle East. #

  71. Youth Against Settlements #

  72. Distorting Martin Luther King: Critics of Beck and Sharpton — Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) #

  73. On Scribd: "Who is the Family of Humanity, And Why Does Anyone Charge a Member to Eat?" #

  74. McCarthyism in Israel #

  75. Read this "Christian Zionists." Palestinian Christian Kairos Document [Close with tweaking] #

  76. [A Must Read!] Griffin demolishes Allen, Chomsky, Cockburn, Corn, Hayes, Monbiot, Rothschild, & Taibbi's 9/11-Truth #

  77. Game Changer: China Plans to Open Military Bases Worldwide | Antemedius #

  78. Zero Party Politics: The Ground Zero Synagogue—Lebanon Becoming More American than America #

  79. [This is "Liberal" Zionist Trickery] "Who is Organizing the World-wide Hatred of Israel Movement?" #

  80. BBC News - Morality [compass] is modified in the lab. Read my commentary. #

  81. Major post of mine: Glenn Beck, false prophet; "[Co-opted] Tea Party Sheds the Libertarian Fig Leaf, Goes Full Fundie" #

  82. Bomb Iran [if you are a demon who wants to spend time in Hell under your spiritual father, Satan] #

  83. J. Edgar Hoover, huge liar. House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), Black Friday, May 13, 1960, San Francisco #

  84. End the Federal Reserve & fractional-reserve banking. Re-Nationalize the currency. The Populist / Greenbackers Platform #

  85. Watch this: Tea Party! Excerpt About The 16th Amendment And The Federal Reserve Act From "America: Freedom To Fascism" #

  86. Greenpeace Demands Facebook "Unfriend Dirty Coal" For Its New Oregon Data Center - ReadWriteCloud #

  87. Fellow Zionists threaten Netanyahu; Abbas to Netanyahu: Freeze settlements or talks off | JTA #

  88. Facebook Testing a "Stalker Button" #

  89. No hate crime charges against Seattle detective for stomping and [racially cussing an innocent] Latino Man #

  90. The Anti-Zionism Movement will prevail! France24 - In Venice, [pro-Palestinian] Jewish lens focuses on Palestinians #

  91. Study Links Fluoride to Pre-term Birth and Anemia in Pregnancy. We don't need it in the water. #

  92. Breaking News: Israeli tanks enter Gaza- while talking peace #

  93. Stephen Hawking: Physics Leaves No Room For God #

  94. | Why do the leftists care more? They do. The "Christian right" talks about personal charity. Okay, I understand... #

  95. Pakistan ex-intelligence chief denies aiding Talban #

  96. Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" - The Alex Jones Show 1/4 #

  97. Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" - The Alex Jones Show 2/4 #

  98. Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" - The Alex Jones Show 3/4 #

  99. Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" - The Alex Jones Show 4/4 #

  100. UC Irvine Stand With the Eleven protest Israeli Ambassador at UCI #

  101. Peace Charade 2010 #

  102. With God on Our Side! Part 1 #

  103. The double-dip is upon us. There's no doubt about it. Inflation is higher than they're saying — enough to discount positive GDP. QE2 when? #

  104. Great American Food Experiment #

  105. "Obama admitted on Monday that there is no 'silver bullet' for the economy." Yes there is: #

  106. "No demand, no supply, no jobs, no money, no recovery." — Midas Letter #

  107. A silver bullet for the economy: Also see the comments #

  108. Amazing bass and scat solo #

  109. I'm now following @abbafund "the best environment for ... children is in a godly home with a father and mother" #

  110.'s Bill McKibben on David Letterman: Put Solar on the White House on 10/10/10 #

  111. I'm now following @mathaba #

  112. I'm now following @antloewenstein #

  113. Robert Fisk: The crimewave that shames the world - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent #

  114. Greenbackers Movement via @AddToAny #

  115. Stephen Hawking: Physics Leaves No Room For God [and no one will answer the door when someone else knocks] #

  116. Shame on America's Plutocrats! One million US public school students homeless. via @AddToAny #

  117. "Why did Building 7 come down, ... Building what?" TV Ad Campaign via @AddToAny #

  118. Hamas and Hezbollah are wrong about killing Zionist "settlers" via @AddToAny #

  119. Framing Pakistan: how the pro-Israel media enables India's surrogate warfare > Global > Redress Info via @AddToAny #

  120. UC Irvine Stand With the Eleven who protested Israeli Ambassador at UCI via @AddToAny #

  121. George Bisharat - Israel and Palestine: A true one-state solution via @AddToAny #

  122. Ahmadiyya [Ahmadi Muslims] plus other Muslims who insanely claim Jesus is a disciple of Mohammed via @AddToAny #

  123. Twitter Plans to Hijack EVERY URL [that runs through Twitter] via @AddToAny #

  124. U.S. economic recovery is a fabrication of government and media via @AddToAny #

  125. Great American Food Experiment: Interview with the very knowledgeable Jeffrey M. Smith via @AddToAny #

  126. Home - Institute for Responsible Technology | Say "No" to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) via @AddToAny #

  127. Non-GMO Project via @AddToAny #

  128. The Non-GMO Shopping Guide via @AddToAny #

  129. Dine Out Non-GMO - Non-GMO Shopping Guide via @AddToAny #

  130. GMO opponents will push for biotech labels via @AddToAny #

  131. Evil Israel FM, Avigdor Lieberman, says no peace possible with Palestinians via @AddToAny #

  132. How Did The Developed World Economies Come to Be in Such a Mess? Revisions to key US statistics via @AddToAny #

  133. Gold Promises and Currency Lies [but we can fix it] via @AddToAny #

  134. Is gold in a bubble? George Soros reignites the debate via @AddToAny #

  135. Bubblemania: Part IV, The Mythical "Gold Bubble" | via @AddToAny #

  136. @opera How to make Google Instant work in Opera: I also had to clear my cookies for I didn't bother with figuring which one(s). in reply to opera #

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