Easing of blockade not enough to rebuild Gaza

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For an AP article on FOX, it's not so bad. However, let's not overlook the typical AP errors.

It says that Hamas "overran Gaza." Of course, that's nonsense. It's been repeated and repeated by the AP. If I've seen it once, I've seen it dozens of times by different AP writers. Hamas was duly elected in Gaza and the whole of Palestine. It didn't overrun anything. The AP repeatedly saying that Hamas overran Gaza is a pure sign of Zionist-propaganda control over the topic of Gaza at the AP.

It mentions "short-range rockets of the kind they fired at Israeli border towns by the thousands over the past decade." It doesn't bother to mention that the rocket fire had gone down to nearly zero for about six months before the Zionists invaded and killed some Gazans, which triggered a reaction from Hamas.

It calls Operation Cast Lead a "war." It was not a war. Hamas did not engage in a war. Some Gazans did some fighting back, but nothing that constituted a war. It was a one-sided attack on a relatively defenseless people who had been adhering very well (considering) to the ceasefire agreement/understanding.

This "news" article was written with an obvious anti-Hamas slant from the West Bank. It says, "Laub reported from Ramallah, West Bank." However, the piece starts with "GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip." That's rather misleading if it actually came from Ramallah.

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