EPIC - Investigations of Google Street View "Illegal" Spying

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"When Google began the Street View project in 2007, many privacy concerns were raised, but the debates focused almost exclusively on the collection and display of images obtained by the Google Street View digital cameras. It turns out that Google was also obtaining a vast amount of Wi-Fi data from Wi-Fi receivers that were concealed in the Street View vehicles. Following independent investigations, Google now concedes that it gathered MAC addresses (the unique device ID for Wi-Fi hotposts) and network SSIDs (the user-assigned network ID name) tied to location information for private wireless networks. Google also admits that it has intercepted and stored Wi-Fi transmission data, which includes email passwords and email content. As of June 18, 2010, investigations are going forward in 18 countries and five states in the US."

So, when Google was taking images of your house and office, etc., it was scanning to see which of your computers was using wireless and then recording the signal outputs. That's nasty. I had a security configuration on mine, but sophisticated scanners could pick it up. I'm not using wireless anymore though.

You know, if they do this at your front door, just think what they could be loading into your computers in the form of software and updates.

Why Google ever thought they should be doing such drive-by scanning is beyond me. Any child would know it's not right. Without an owner's prior consent and in a transparent way where the data would not be permanently stored, only people up to no good would do it.

"Don't be Evil," Google says. Well then, stop being evil, Google.

I'd say, this is what happens when children become billionaires; but older billionaires have proven to be bankster-capable.

Save us, God, from the superrich.

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