Twitter Digest: October 27, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: September 11, 2010 . via @AddToAny #

  2. t r u t h o u t [my foot] | Lambasting the GOP, Obama Proposes $50 Billion for Roads, Rails and Runw via @AddToAny #

  3. Pastor cancels September 11 Koran burning [on confused info?] via @AddToAny #

  4. Robert Fisk: The crimewave that shames the world [honor killing, also honour killing, not only "Islamic"] via @AddToAny #

  5. Exclusive [Propaganda]: WikiLeaks Collaborating With Media Outlets on Release of Iraq Documents via @AddToAny #

  6. A Libertarian Deist's thoughts on Stephen Hawking's new book "The Grand Design" via @AddToAny #

  7. Obama Administration not strict enough on anti-torture via @AddToAny #

  8. A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas | Grist via @AddToAny #

  9. "New York City Workers Stand with the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Communities" but confuse Nazi history via @AddToAny #

  10. ABC Unleashed - 09/09/2010: American led show a Middle East no go via @AddToAny #

  11. The American Conservative » Mossad in America via @AddToAny #

  12. Clearspending - $1.3 Trillion in Broken Federal Spending Data via @AddToAny #

  13. No blessing of peace with this guy: Shas spiritual leader: Abbas and Palestinians should perish via @AddToAny #

  14. t r u t h o u t | Troops Punished After Refusing to Attend Evangelical Concert [but not for murdering the innocent] #

  15. t r u t h o u t | Two Multibillionaire Brothers Are Remaking America for Their Own Benefit [infamous Koch brothers] #

  16. Junk Mail: Your Guide to Stopping it via @AddToAny #

  17. The Activist's Dilemma: It's time to start matching our sentiments to our actions via @AddToAny #

  18. Stop junk mail from Valassis and redplum via @AddToAny #

  19. Why didn't my Facebook friend request go through? via @AddToAny #

  20. Charles Hugh Smith - The Overlapping Crises of Neoliberal Global Capitalism via @AddToAny #

  21. Paul Craig Roberts: The Ecstasy of Empire: "Without a revolution, Americans are history." via @AddToAny #

  22. Financial System Headed South [actually Hell] via @AddToAny #

  23. A Must Watch: By the Maps: Understanding Israel's Increasing Grip On Jerusalem via @AddToAny #

  24. I'm now following @tpmmedia #

  25. Obama reportedly rejects reinstalling solar panels on the White House roof. If true, the 350 Movement will hate him. He's so uninspiring. #

  26. If you want to burn something on 9/11, burn the 9/11 Commission Report. #

  27. Philadelphia's Dept. of Health may fine St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church for ringing its bell. No wonder the US is going to Hell. #

  28. Obama has refused to clean economic house, so he'll have his house cleaned another way. He needed Populist economists, not Summers, et al. #

  29. Elevating Austan Goolsbee and keeping Bernanke, Summers, and Geithner is a recipe for continued and worsening economic disaster. #

  30. "ComScore reports that Facebook has surpassed Google as the online destination where users spend the most time." — PC World #

  31. Google Instant? I tried it and then turned it off. I didn't find it helpful at all. In fact, it was a distraction. #

  32. Web hosting company Rackspace dropped Dove World Outreach Center, refusing to host it for threatening to burn Qur'ans. Freedom of what? #

  33. I'm not for burning Qur'ans, but I'm not for people telling others that they can't. What's the Bill of Rights for if you can't burn a copy. #

  34. Log Cabin "all natural" syrup is not confusing. It doesn't say "Log Cabin Pure Maple Syrup." #

  35. Are you going to eat Genetically Modified Salmon? Willingly eating it sounds idiotic. It hasn't been proven safe. They don't test it right. #

  36. Mainstream corporate news doesn't tell of the things wrong with GMO salmon. You shouldn't have to, but you must research alternative news. #

  37. These bioengineering capitalists are so hyper greedy that you better start screaming for labeling of GMOs before they kill you. #

  38. Iran is now self-sufficient in gasoline production. Tough to evil Zionists who want the US to bomb and cutoff Iran for Zionist covetousness. #

  39. Wyoming has the dubious distinction of being the state with the most greenhouse gas emissions per person: Dick-Cheney Dolts! #

  40. The natural gas industry opposes regulation of hydraulic fracturing. No kidding. They oppose Creation Care. They are anti-Christs — Wicked. #

  41. "Record Hong Kong air pollution sparks protest": economic dullard Milton Friedman's favorite polluted example of self-regulating Capitalism. #

  42. I had never heard of the TV show "Mad Men" until today. Now I've seen references to it three times. The early 1960's? Yes, I was there. #

  43. I just signed up as a member of OpEdNews at #

  44. Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street: #

  45. Wealthy buying farm land in poor countries #

  46. Liked "Biodegradable Trash Bags For A Better Tomorrow | Bioplastic Product & Biodegradable Biodegradable trash bags..." . #

  47. The Truth About the Mavi Marmara . #

  48. When False Flags Don't Fly . #

  49. Facebook deserves props for smart response to outage #

  50. Most Inspirational Pro-Life Video Ever Made - 60 Seconds . #

  51. Bonnie Raitt "Pride And Joy" . #

  52. Oscar Peterson: Take the "A" Train (Duke Ellington) . #

  53. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Darn That Dream 1959 . #

  54. Chenyue at the dizi Flute . #

  55. "I don't need more credit. I just need more customers." Who said that? #

  56. "...the American Psychological Association Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation (though a biased group... #

  57. "...made up only of members opposed to sexual orientation change efforts) recently concluded that there is not enough evidence to prove... #

  58. "...that efforts to change sexual orientation are effective or ineffective, nor is there enough evidence... #

  59. " prove that such efforts are safe or harmful." — NARTH #

  60. If the Federal Reserve gets the US Treasury to pump another $1-2 trillion into the system & does not earmark it for Main Street, forget it. #

  61. RT @maxblumenthal "There Are No Civilians In Wartime." Rachel Corrie's Family Confronts The Israel Military... #

  62. CNN: Parents demand Israeli answers . #

  63. Feeling the Loyalty to the Jewish State of Israel . #

  64. Sept. 22: "UN panel of human rights experts accused Israel of war crimes...for...deadly seizure of...Gaza-bound Turkish freedom flotilla." #

  65. The Zionists' construction moratorium in illegal Zionist-colonies in Palestine reportedly ended today. Will Obama stand up to the Zionists? #

  66. "...liberal claims to a monopoly on knowledge may be even more undemocratic than conservatives' policies for distributing wealth upward." #

  67. '9/11 was an inside job': Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN . #

  68. More from: "BuildingWhat? TV Ad Campaign" via @AddToAny #

  69. The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies - Salem-News.Com via @AddToAny #

  70. 9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered via @AddToAny #

  71. Hong Kong's Air Pollution Problem (PIC) via @AddToAny #

  72. BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla via @AddToAny #

  73. 9/11 Truth Movement- Still Growing after 9 Years via @AddToAny #

  74. For Immediate Release: [Bill] GATES FOUNDATION INVESTS IN MONSANTO - Community Alliance for Global Justice #

  75. The YouTube video page for was suspended via @AddToAny #

  76. Your Parents Swindled You: A Professor Apologizes to His Students via @AddToAny #

  77. Great Jazz: Ahmad Jamal Trio – "Darn That Dream" 1959 via @AddToAny #

  78. Bernanke's $1T quantitative easing is highly inflationary: Williams - via @AddToAny #

  79. Must Watch Israeli Firsters [warning, contains F-word]: Feeling the Loyalty to the Jewish State of Israel via @AddToAny #

  80. "9/11 was an inside job": Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN via @AddToAny #

  81. 15 Bone Chilling Signs That Part Two Of The Double Dip Housing Crash Has Begun via @AddToAny #

  82. Terrific Article! Especially page 2. How to Reverse a Deflation: Helicopter Ben Needs to Drop Some Money on Main Street #

  83. Off: The Atlantic: Breaking News, Analysis and Opinion on politics, business, culture, international, ... via @AddToAny #

  84. Obama is illegal. "Obama argues his assassination program is a 'state secret'," by Glenn Greenwald via @AddToAny #

  85. "GMO salmon has 40% more IGF1, a hormone linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers in humans." Organic Consumers Association #

  86. "GE salmon is less nutritious.... ...lowest omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of all the salmon in the studies...." Organic Consumers Association #

  87. "GE salmon have mean allergenic potencies that are 20% and 52% higher than normal salmon...." Organic Consumers Association #

  88. "increased frequency of skeletal malformations...increased prevalence of jaw erosions and multisystemic, focal inflammation" in GMO salmon. #

  89. 113+ degrees in LA? at the end of September? Wow! Global cooling...during the hot decade since "modern" record keeping began. #

  90. Republicans blocked a bill to tax companies that send jobs overseas & reward those that bring them back. Need a job? Know anyone who does? #

  91. "Who to follow"? No, no, no. It's whom. #

  92. @AI_AGW Yes, I subscribe to his YouTube channel and had seen that and favorited it if memory serves. Thanks. Have you seen the Greenman? in reply to AI_AGW #

  93. "The United States is proud of its record on human rights...." Then it thinks Jimmy Carter was better than George W. Bush, right? #

  94. Mordechai Vanunu, Mavi Marmara and Muckrakers . #


  96. Mordechai Vanunu and Israels Nukes Pt.1 of 5 - Phil Tourney, Mark glenn, Eileen Fleming . #

  97. The Associated Press is claiming that al Qaeda claimed responsibility for 9/11. When? Where? Not Osama bin Laden. AP Lies. False Propaganda! #

  98. The AP says 9/11 was exhaustively investigated. What idiots nod in affirmation at that? Everyone with any sense knows it's not true. #

  99. The AP says 9/11 Truth is "tinged with anti-Semitism because of the close U.S.-Israeli alliance," as if Zionism stands for Semitism. #

  100. The AP quotes, 9/11 Truth "would require hundreds if not thousands of people to be in on the plot." How many were in on the Gulf of Tonkin? #

  101. Is the Gulf of Tonkin a myth? No, it is not. The US government lied America into war. That's a fact. Millions died, CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA. #

  102. Barak Ravid of Haaretz wrote, "Hamas militants seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007." They were elected and fought off a coup by Fatah. #

  103. Zionist-Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is such an ethnic bigot — such a fascist. Which intelligent Jew doesn't distance himself? #

  104. The CIA to Americans: Visit Europe. Be nervous. #

  105. "Parental Alienation Syndrome": If the alienation is unjustified, then of course it's a disorder. #

  106. They did a soak-the-rich tax in Oregon. They're thinking about a soak-the-rich income tax in Washington, currently with no state income tax. #

  107. A soak-the-rich state income-tax in Washington concerns people that it could slip down to the middle & lower classes who can ill afford it. #

  108. U.S. apologized to Guatemala for study 60 yrs ago. Americans deliberately infected prisoners with syphilis. The Greatest Generation at work. #

  109. "Kissinger: Vietnam failures 'we did to ourselves'." Yes, we elected lousy presidents who chose lousy advisers and cabinet members. #

  110. Oilmen Fund Anti-Global Warming Groups . #

  111. Israeli Environment Minister Gilad Erdan: "An additional freeze up...communities...Jews have a right to... . #

  112. "As so many countries cut back on spending prematurely, global aggregate demand will be lowered and growth will slow... . #

  113. Why do Americans continue to subsidize Israel with $3 billion a year when Zionists refuse to stop illegal... . #

  114. If Geert Wilders says Islam is fascistic, the Qur'an is like Mein Kampf & should be banned, & Mohammed was a pedophile, that's free speech. #

  115. Gardens named hottest trend in restaurants, as more chefs grow tomatoes, herbs, and other produce, says AP. Now that's a good trend. #

  116. People commit suicide everyday — sad. Why do homosexual suicides get so much mainstream media coverage that others do not? You know why. #

  117. Obama's address touted efforts to strengthen the economy by focusing on clean energy, says AFP. Focus? Obama? On clean energy? Less talk. #

  118. Forget oil & offshore drilling & drilling in the Arctic, nuclear, coal, & gas. Go only for what's clean, sustainable, & beneficial to all. #

  119. "...armed rebel forces in the Congo gang-raped more than 200 women over three days...." It's a good thing I'm a pacifist and not in charge. #

  120. "...national security is one thing, empire security another." — Pat Buchanan #

  121. What in the world...? "O'Keefe says he wasn't going through with CNN seduction plot" . Grow Up! #

  122. Judge Virginia Phillips said Don't Ask, Don't Tell "infringes the fundamental rights" of those murdering for Empire & engaging in sodomy. #

  123. Republicans do a lousy job, vote in Democrats. Democrats do a lousy job, vote in the other failures again and again and again and again. #

  124. "One[s] for independent testing...." "I am sick....from this oil and dispersant in our waters": "Catfish Charlie." #

  125. Post-conviction DNA testing should be a given. #

  126. The quickest way for America to become a Third World country is to let banksters get away with it. They caused this depression on purpose. #

  127. RT @IrishCentral Fiachra O'Luain says Irish Americans should support the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. #

  128. The Tea Party is not Populism! Anyway, neocons are riding the movement dominated and financed by two anti-people Koch Brothers. #

  129. "Koch Industries...paid nearly...$50 million to climate denial groups and individuals between 1997 and 2008" #

  130. Fact! "...many glaciers on the south slope of the central Himalaya have been retreating at an accelerating rate." . #

  131. "97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming." #

  132. Facts: 2009 IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group: 19 subpopulations of polar bears: 8 in decline, 1 increasing, 3 stable, 7 not enough data #

  133. UN: Israel Executed Flotilla Activists . #

  134. 'WikiLeaks exposed US, British govt lies about Iraq casualties' . #

  135. WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: Torture, civilian death toll revealed in latest leak . #

  136. Iraq Death Dossier: 400,000 secret US files WikiLeaked . #

  137. Keiser Report â„–77: Global Debt Collapse . #

  138. Keiser Report â„–78: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  139. Keiser Report â„–79: Currency Wars Break Out . #

  140. Keiser Report â„–80: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  141. Keiser Report â„–81: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  142. Keiser Report â„–83: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  143. Keiser Report â„–84: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  144. Keiser Report â„–85: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  145. Keiser Report â„–87: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  146. Keiser Report â„–86: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  147. Press TV-On the Edge with Max Keiser-Economic Fraud-15-10-2010-(Part 1) . #

  148. Press TV-On the Edge with Max Keiser-US Stock Markets-22-10-2010-(Part1) . #

  149. Press TV-On the Edge with Max Keiser-US Stock Markets-22-10-2010-(Part3) . #

  150. Press TV -The Real Deal with George Galloway-19-09-2010 (Part 1) . #

  151. Press TV-On the Edge with Max Keiser-US Stock Markets-22-10-2010-(Part2) . #

  152. Press TV -The Real Deal with George Galloway-19-09-2010 (Part 2) . #

  153. Press TV -The Real Deal with George Galloway-19-09-2010 (Part 3) . #

  154. Noah's Flood debunked - 1 (reposted from Potholer54debunks) . #

  155. 9/11: The Unidentified Murder Weapons . #

  156. Noah's Flood debunked (Part 2) . #

  157. US: Crumbling empire . #

  158. Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: Operation Dark Heart - Alex Jones Tv 1/4 . #

  159. Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: Operation Dark Heart - Alex Jones Tv 2/4 . #








  167. If Stimulus Works, Why is Unemployment So High? . #


  169. A Crisis in Business Confidence? . #


  171. Austerity Not a Solution . #



  174. "Creative Destruction" and Fascism . #

  175. European Workers Distance from US Through Action . #

  176. US Economy A Train Wreck? . #

  177. Journalistic Mythology . #

  178. Schiff vs. Henwood on Economic Crisis . #

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