You click, our sponsors donate--Happy Non-GMO Month!

You click, our sponsors donate—Happy Non-GMO Month!

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"Non-GMO Project October 1 at 8:17am Report
"EVERY WEEKDAY BETWEEN NOW AND 10/25, ... AND DO YOUR DAILY CLICK. When you make your free "pledge" to choose non-GMO, our sponsors donate—$1 for every click. Please tell all your friends, too! This innovative application will help raise a significant portion of our non-profit annual operating budget as long as everyone participates!

"October is our first ever national Non-GMO Month. There are nearly 600 retailers across the country celebrating this month by highlighting Non-GMO Project verified products, handing out shopping guides, and hosting events. We'll be sharing pictures and news all month long!

"Thanks for your non-GMO commitment—we look forward to seeing your click!"

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