Barghouthi: IOA exploiting negotiations to impose facts on the ground

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Mustafa Barghouthi is being a realist here. The Zionists are Hellbent. They are mostly racist-fascists and couldn't care less for the truth. In the spirit of insatiable lust, the Zionists covet their neighbor's land and lie and murder to obtain it (and more).

Betty Molchany

Thanks, Tom.

Tom Usher

Thank you, Betty! You work very hard to post important links keeping and getting many on Facebook aware.

Thank you too, Laura [she liked the post]. You are often there when no one else is!

The mainstream is censoring this. Most of the Tea Party types don't hear it or see it on account of it. Most of them still tune into FOX, which is still mostly (vastly) Zionist. The Zionists have a stranglehold.

The "radical" left and the anti-war libertarians must make the truth about the Zionists stand out whether mainstream corporatists/banksters like it or not.

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