Brazil, The Brightest Shining Economic Star in the Western Hemisphere, Elects A Marxist

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A Marxist? We'll see by her actions. How many stripes of Marxist are there? A Marxist would, as much as possible, do what Marx would do. Will Dilma Rousseff even openly and constantly advocate for Marxism? Is that what she ran on: Marxism?

People run as one thing and nearly always do another. Most "progressives" run to the left and rule to the right.

When was the last time someone ran right and outright ruled left?

Some have run right and ruled more to the left than campaign-talk supposedly suggested. Reagan let down the hard-right on more than one occasion, but I can't think of anyone who shifted to the extent of Obama — starting out running pretty far to the left (by recent American standards) but so far, certainly ruling right-of-center by quite a bit.

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