"Despite the Power of Money": Reflections on the Vapid Obama Commentary of Professor Angela Davis |.

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"We know Wall Street gave about $30 million for their 1) bailouts, 2) protection from prosecution, and 3) protection from real reform. We know that the big health care corps gave about the same $30 million to 1) keep single-payer off the table, 2) get their $500 billion in tax credits, and 3) their mandated customers. And those amounts are just to Obama alone, and don't include their buying of Senators and Reps."

Those two industries spent about $60 million to make trillions and trillions off the suckers/voters. The whole thing could be fixed nearly overnight, but the "voters" are too busy ignoring the solutions that are right out there.

Re-nationalize the currency. Make it all real greenbacks (interest-free). Pay off the national debt with the new currency. Why in the world isn't this a huge plank of some major political movement? Are people really so stupid? Pay for all the infrastructure that's needed by issuing new currency right into the economy.

We don't need gold or silver, and we don't need austerity.

Gold is largely in the hands of the already superrich criminals. Driving up the value of gold relative to other means of exchange is extremely counterproductive and elitist. Fiat currencies worked vastly better than gold when they were reasonably managed.

The recent bad management has been intentional so the superrich will be left with all the gold and currency to use it to buy up everything that no one else can afford to buy no matter how "cheap" the price.

Deflation and inflation are really just two sides of the same stupid, fraudulent coin.

Austerity is dumb. Anyone who thinks we need austerity measures in the US can't think his or her way out of a wet paper bag. Austerity is the last thing we need!

Deficit hawks are phonies. They are duping the masses. Sure a huge deficit would be a problem if the banks were to start lending like crazy and nothing were done radically to alter the underlying economic system. The Hawks don't want anyone talking about the radical changes that are urgently needed to avoid deepening and severely prolonging the depression.

The government never should have borrowed a dime from anyone. The banksters have defrauded the masses especially since 1913. Stand up to them, and take back your government.

The banksters earn interest for having done nothing but con the people. It's a racket. The banksters are racketeers. Gangsters are running the government.

It's illegitimate. Look at all the "laws" the government has been breaking left and right. Paul Street cites a number of them in his article. He could have gone on and on and on. Who couldn't who's been paying any attention and doing any serious thinking?

It's a matter of life and death, people. People are dying right now because of this deliberate, bankster-caused depression. The banksters are sociopaths. They are sick in the head and heart and soul (if they even have souls anymore).

When are the people going to shake off the spell? When are they going to overcome the mental block? People read about the Greenbackers, but their eyes glaze over because they've been psychologically conditioned by the mass media to ignore anything that doesn't come from the mass, mainstream, corporately controlled, bankster-controlled media.

Look, just start talking about the Greenbacker Movement to get the issue out there. Start a wave. Make people wonder what it is. Make them ask about it. Tell them about Lincoln funding the Civil War via Greenbacks (interest-free money; United States Notes, not phony Federal Reserve Notes). Learn about it all yourselves so you can tell people.

Come on! Get with it! People are dying. They're starving. They're being thrown out on the street with their little children.

Stop listening to the same old voices that caused the problems in the first place.

The rich do not cause prosperity. They hold it back. They take so much for themselves that they retard development. We don't need them to invest in things to get the economy moving. We can create all the money we need ourselves and without inflation or deflation.

In the final analysis, if we were to do things right, we wouldn't even need money — but that's yet another level up in thinking/compassion. For now, let's get rid of Federal Reserve Notes and Treasury Bills, ASAP!

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