Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers

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"One of Obama's biggest mistakes" is how I'd say it. It was certainly his biggest economic mistake, per se.

The last paragraph of the article is too generous. Obama knew exactly what he was doing. He was hired by the plutocrats to do exactly what he did on all fronts. He's done a spectacular job for them, which means he's done a terrible job for the people.

Only Franklin Roosevelt with his WPA and CCC even began to do the "right" thing (considering this mixed economy), which James K. Galbraith knows very, very well. He's an expert on the subject.

Now, one of Obama's original and main economic-team members should have been James K. Galbraith. Unfortunately, now that Obama has been the "Don't look back" President so effectively, the Republican economic morons are in place to block what James K. Galbraith and others like him would tell Obama to do and show him how.

Nevertheless, Obama should bring in James Galbraith and Michael Hudson and William Black for starters and give them their heads — let them say anything they want and push for anything they want. Those three wouldn't go nearly as far as I would, but they are about as radical as the American people could comprehend.

Obama has nothing to lose except for his cushy landing promised by the plutocrats, but Jimmy Carter hasn't been living in material want even though he hasn't toed the Zionist-bankster line.

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