Pilots boycott full-body scanners over health fears | News.com.au

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"'Travellers are being asked to choose between being scanned 'naked' and exposed to radiation, or getting what people are describing as just a highly invasive search by hands of their entire bodies.'

"'People want to feel safe and secure when flying,' Civil Liberties Australia director Tim Vines said.

"'And that includes feeling safe from the wandering hands of transport officials.'"

If the world, and especially the Empire, had had a good-neighbor policy, none of this would be happening. Of course, then the Empire wouldn't be simply a worldly one and the greedy corporatists behind the scanner industry wouldn't be making millions and eventually billions and more off all the deliberately manufactured fear. You can bet that they love all the news about all the false-flag operations where the common people, especially the Tea Partiers and the non-radical "liberals," are duped and buy into the mainstream, corporate, government-led propaganda/psy-ops.

The mammon-rich monsters are laughing at you, "liberals." They've had you buffaloed and spewing the lines they've had their system feed you. Have you followed the money? It never fails until you walk into brick walls because those at the top of the conspiracy with control of money creation-and-flow are above the laws they create to protect their evil schemes from you finding out the truth of them all.

Repeat after us: There are no chemtrails, 9/11 was 100% al Qaeda with zero assistance from the neocon empire builders, the Federal Reserve is a good thing, we can't re-nationalize the currency and convert to interest-free United States Notes, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter who used a magic bullet [update], and ... and the Gulf of Tonkin incident really did happen, Watergate didn't though, Iran-Contra was something the left simply made up, the FBI never engaged in COINTELPRO, the US has never conducted horrific experiments on even its own people, and ....

Do you see a problem with the pattern of your thinking? Which is it, the US government is trustworthy or not? There are Americans with wealth, power, and control who put their own personal empires above your welfare or not?

Wake up! Dupes! They have you in a trance. You're under their droning, psychological-conditioning spell. You've been playing right into their lying, cheating, thieving, murdering, utterly self-centered hands.

In other words, you've been more ignorant and dumber than ....

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