Serving free food on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis [and being harassed for it]| Twin Cities Daily Planet

Serving free food on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis | Twin Cities Daily Planet

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

"On September 25th, for the first time in two years, the police interrupted the group's activity asking if they had a permit to give away the food."

Does one need a permit to be a Christian? Does one need a permit to eat in public with one's friends and neighbors? Who are these people who write laws claiming people need their permission to eat together in public? Who gives those "lawgivers" their authority? Do the voters do that? Is it tyranny of the majority or the bought-off or the minions or the dupes or all of the foregoing?

I reject that I need a permit from any human beings to give food to the hungry and to my neighbors — to eat with them in private or public. I denounce such evil.

Missio Dei does nothing to disturb non-evil others, quite the contrary. You know the food is good too.

Tom Usher

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