Twitter Digest: November 9, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: October 27, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  2. "Reaping terror's reward," by Stuart Littlewood | Sabbah Report via @AddToAny #

  3. Excellent Backgrounder: BP: The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism via @AddToAny #

  4. Domestic Disturbance: FBI Raids Bring the Terror War Home via @AddToAny #

  5. Industrial Chaos and You via @AddToAny #

  6. Good Idea! The Khan Academy via @AddToAny #

  7. This makes you sick: Corn Refiners Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia via @AddToAny #

  8. Truth! The Super Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Gets Poorer, And The Democrats Punt | TPMCafe via @AddToAny #

  9. You click, our sponsors donate—Happy Non-GMO Month! via @AddToAny #

  10. t r u t h o u t | Obama Targets Iran for Human Rights Violations and Shields Bush Officials for Engaging in Same Abuses #

  11. A Must Read: The Cutting Edge: The Real ClimateGate, Part 2: Why the IPCC stands stronger than ever via @AddToAny #

  12. Venezuela Election, Victory or Setback for Chavez? | via @AddToAny #

  13. Quito's Police: CIA breeding ground [Voltaire] via @AddToAny #

  14. This is what America is fighting for? Muslim Extremists Murder Christian Family in Pakistan via @AddToAny #

  15. Israel Returns to Night Raids in Ni'lin – 4 people arrested | Support Ibrahim via @AddToAny #

  16. Easing of blockade not enough to rebuild Gaza via @AddToAny #

  17. [Avigdor] Lieberman is Kahane. And even the right senses it. via @AddToAny #

  18. Industrial Agriculture and Human Survival: The Road Beyond 10/10/10 via @AddToAny #

  19. Great idea! Robert Flanagan's Biochar Stove: Carbon Negative Cooking | BioEnergy Lists: Improved Biomass Cooking #

  20. It's all white for New York's energy-saving CoolRoofs initiative. via @AddToAny #

  21. Hypocrisy in Constitutional "Originalism": Boston Review — Pamela S. Karlan: In the Beginning via @AddToAny #

  22. God, save us from the billionaires. EPIC - Investigations of Google Street View "Illegal" Spying via @AddToAny #

  23. A Must Read: The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Bankers Fleeced America, and Launched a Global Crisis #

  24. HTG Explains: Why Do So Many Geeks Hate Internet Explorer? via @AddToAny #

  25. Gonzalo Lira: Mulligan Mortgages—The Banks' Only Way Out via @AddToAny #

  26. Vatican body asks UN to "end Israeli occupation" via @AddToAny #

  27. 1 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  28. 4 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  29. 2 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  30. 6 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  31. 3 of 7 What In The World Are They Spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  32. 5 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  33. 7 of 7 What in the world are they spraying? (Chemtrails) . #

  34. France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is a Mossad agent: "Sarco the Sayan." Can you say, "Israel Firster" in French? #

  35. Bomb Scare is BS . #

  36. Green Halloween . #

  37. Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 2/4 . #

  38. Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 1/4 . #

  39. Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 3/4 . #

  40. Obama's "Don't look back" is why the Democrats took a "shellacking." He never took the agenda from the neocons and libertarians. #

  41. Banksters, warmongers, and other libertines are still very well represented in the halls of self-authorized power. #

  42. If there are parcel bombs coming from Greece, whose fault is it, anarchists' or Goldman Sachs'? More Goldman Sachs'. #

  43. Due to poverty and low life-expectancy, Zimbabwe is lowest in UN rankings on places to live while being blocked from exporting its diamonds. #

  44. French Int. Min. Hortefeux said printer cartridges were to explode in 17 mins. Britain's Trans. Min. Hammond received no such "indication." #

  45. British For. Sec. William Hague said Britain would change its law so Zionist war criminals would not be arrested in Britain. #

  46. AFP uses rabid-Zionist-propagandist SITE group to spread fear "al Qaeda" is under every bed around the world. Self-fulfilling "Holy War" ... #

  47. The AP is still spreading the lie that Operation Cast Lead was "aimed at halting rocket attacks." It was Israel that broke the cease fire! #

  48. Is stoning an alleged adulteress more barbaric while fascist, Zionist Israelis want to start a war on Iran? How many innocents are to die? #

  49. Israeli military "intelligence" chief, Amos Yadlin, is a flat-out liar claiming Iran has enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb. #

  50. Syria blocks Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube. What sites do Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube block? What do you censor? I'm censored, & I censor. #

  51. Syria blocks YouTube. YouTube, however, blocks Anwar al-Awlaqi videos. You aren't to know what he's supposedly saying. You're too what? #

  52. South Africa is returning Oxpecker birds naturally to get rid of ticks. An oxpecker reportedly can eat 13,000 ticks a day. Really? Wow! #

  53. "Breast Pumps Not Covered Under Health Care...Denture Adhesive Is" Bankster-corporatists don't drink mother's milk or realize they sell it. #

  54. "1995-2008,...clean energy businesses...grown 45 percent...clean energy 36 percent...10 times the average job growth in" CA. #

  55. ...Mojave began on BrightSource Energy' plant. ...will employ 1,000.... It's Israeli though, not US. #

  56. Glenn Beck, may a Christian rightly pledge allegiance to the secular flag of the worldly empire? Anyone doing so is not being Christian. #

  57. Voters age 18-24 voted against Republicans by 19 points, but what do Democrats do? They don't stand up. They lie and cave and lie and cave. #

  58. Mammon talks and, therefore, so does what is said to walk. #

  59. "...targets of such surveillance...Berks Peace Community, a 50-year-old group of Quaker-affiliated senior citizens." #

  60. Things people say being tortured into it must never be allowed to be used against them in court. #

  61. MSNBC double-standard concerning Keith Olbermann? It's no secret where any of their ideologies lie. #

  62. "Most Voters Think House GOP Likely To Disappoint By 2012" Then why did they vote for them? Why vote for either of the two "major" parties? #

  63. Stephen Zarlenga - AMI's Purpose, Objectives and Methodology . #

  64. BUSH ON WATERBOARDING: "DAMN RIGHT!" he's damn wrong. #

  65. QE1 would have been, and QE2 could be, fine provided the money had/were too gone to/go to the right people and causes. It didn't and won't. #

  66. Alternate Reality-Americans Seeking Refugees-11-03-2010-(Part2) . #

  67. Alternate Reality-Americans Seeking Refugees-11-03-2010-(Part3) . #

  68. Alternate Reality-Americans Seeking Refugees-11-03-2010-(Part1) . #

  69. Reality Check-11-06-2010-(Part1) . #

  70. Reality Check-11-06-2010-(Part2) . #

  71. Reality Check-11-06-2010-(Part3) . #

  72. Save Japan Dolphins #

  73. A Look Inside the Taiji Slaughterhouse . #

  74.;fb=1 : Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels #

  75. Retread Republicans you Tea Partiers have put in are going to fall flat on their faces, and Obama's just as bad in many respects, Democrats. #

  76. Sociopathic Zionists expand illegal construction while demanding the US go to war with Iran for them. Morally bankrupt Americans support it. #

  77. Rand Paul "now avoids his dad's talk of shuttering the Federal Reserve...." Is that true? If so, shame! #

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