Obfuscating the meaning of monogamy: San Francisco Study: Monogamy Rare in Homosexual Relationships

San Francisco Study: Monogamy Rare in Homosexual Relationships
Source: www.dakotavoice.com

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

"As other studies and reports have shown, even 'monogamy' usually has a very different meaning for homosexuals. The loosest definition in the dictionary for monogamy is 'the condition or practice of having a single mate during a period of time,' yet many homosexuals 'redefine' monogamy to mean whatever provides them with the greatest emotional comfort: always coming home to the same person no matter how many others you have sex with elsewhere; only having sex with another person if your 'partner' is present; always telling your partner about the other people you had sex with, etc."

If that's homosexuality for the most part, it's certainly loose and its members have been doing a great deal of rationalizing.

When such homosexuals go in to adopt children, are they asked about how they define their relationship such that if they agree with the above "homosexual" definition of monogamy, the adoption agencies, etc., will be sure to learn of it? I doubt it.

Would you put an orphaned or other child with a couple that practices that "homosexual" definition of monogamy? It's happening because standards are way too low.

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