"Boy Baby Names: [so-called] Gender Neutral Trend, from Cullen to Cameron" is simply adding confusion

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

Making sons effeminate on purpose, directly contrary to the vast majority of predispositions and as if masculine boys and men can't be non-violent or compassionate, etc., is a grave error.

It does though fly in the face of the homosexuality-is-genetic-only crowd. If you can make effeminate boys out of boys who would have otherwise grown up more masculine, then do you doubt it that you can make homosexuals out of boys who would otherwise not be that too.

If the idea is to make boys into more peaceful men via some psychological naming-convention, then having
4. Alexander
5. William
6. Joshua
on the current top-10-names list better cause some reflection on actual history.

Consider Alexander the Great, so-called, who was a homosexual. Also consider William the Conqueror, who swooped in on England to establish himself as an Emperor ushering in the huge evil that is serfdom and helping to kill the anti-elitist, beautiful commons. Then there's Joshua, who according to the Old Testament Bible, committed literal genocide a number of times without batting an eye and whose name according to the article author, Pamela Redmond Satran, has a softer sound and/or vowel ending.

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