Twitter Digest: November 14, 2010

  1. Utter Confusion: Woman Gives Birth to Homosexual Son's Baby via @AddToAny #

  2. Did a homosexual Saudi prince strangled and beat to death his male sex-servant at a London hotel? via @AddToAny #

  3. Obfuscating the meaning of monogamy: San Francisco Study: Monogamy Rare in Homosexual Relationships via @AddToAny #

  4. Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Simpson and Bowles' Recommendations Reveal Deep Ignorance via @AddToAny #

  5. "did anyone else have to swear on a bible that their address was correct before they were able to vote?" #

  6. Has Glenn Beck said what George Soros should have done at 13 when Nazis were taking Jews? 13 is young! What had his parents told him to do? #

  7. G-20 "Free Trade" means unscrupulous, so-called "too-big-to-fail" corporations under central banksters gobbling up the world. #

  8. David Ignatius: "Dazzling new weapons like drones require new rules for war." They aren't dazzling. They're sick, like their makers & users. #

  9. $814 billion in stimulus didn't hurt the economy. Borrowing it rather than printing US Notes, bailing out banksters, & being too small did. #

  10. I see that many voted against Obama rather than for the Republicans. Protest votes that go to those who are no better are stupid. #

  11. Tax cuts for the rich, why? It's not because the rich are the source of bounty, prosperity, jobs, economic growth, .... They've never been. #

  12. Saudi Arabia's Communications & Information Technology Commission has (on moral grounds) "temporarily" blocked Facebook. Check your oil. #

  13. Obama wants a nuclear-arms treaty with Russia, so he's offering $4.1 bil in nuclear-arms spending to entice Sen. Kyl of AZ. Stupid, stupid!! #

  14. George W. Bush bought enough land in South America that he could offer the 60,000 Mandaeans he helped turned into refugees a place to live. #

  15. "Tower tumbles wrong way during Ohio demolition." They should have hired the Mossad and CIA. #

  16. There's still a large trade deficit in the US. If you're a "globalist," the dollar is still too high. They seek wage parity the world over. #

  17. Was the recent Southern California "contrail" a huge CHEMTRAIL release? The stupid mainstream news wore out "contrail" in their releases. #

  18. That recent Southern California "contrail" was no contrail. That's for sure! Only complete morons will fall for all the Pentagon/NASA bull. #

  19. The Nanny State points to bad parenting. There's a flipside. The Nanny State deliberately dumbs down the children of the bright & capable. #

  20. "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct," by Philip R. Greaves II. He's very ill & needs to repent. #

  21. Clint McCance reacted to "spirit day," saying he'd wear purple if all "queers" commit suicide. Both sides are wrong on this. #

  22. Privatizing national parks is moronic & more of what comes of bailing out greedy-extremists who caused the depression to squeeze the budget. #

  23. Does Steve Stivers, Congressman-elect (R-Ohio), want to tear down the federal government to further build up the banksters and Wall Street? #

  24. "Washington Post became the first news outlet to buy one of Twitter's "promoted trends," under the hashtag symbol #election " Stinks! #

  25. " breed, in terms of danger, stands out.... 1, Pit Bull Varieties...2,683 Child victims...." . #

  26. Stimulus spending could have lowered unemployment to zero if the government had hired the unemployed to do needed work. Plenty needs doing. #

  27. The source for AQAP supposedly claiming responsibility for the disputed printer-cartridge explosives is SITE Intelligence Group: Zionists. #

  28. The US has done so many false-flag attacks and revved up sectarian violence so much that it's impossible to be sure, which was the plan. #

  29. Anyone could have written it. California #

  30. Does this site strike you as fake? #

  31. If AQAP is claiming responsibility for printer-cartridge explosives, where has Anwar al-Awlaki said it in a video? He loves issuing videos. #

  32. Geo-engineering so-called solutions are dangerous distractions from tackling the greedy oil, gas, and coal industries — plain and simple. #

  33. I'm glad for Aung San Suu Kyi that she's been released. They need to leave her alone. It was pure evil to lock her up the way they did. #

  34. Amnesty International is right. Legally, George W. Bush must be prosecuted for torture. He admits in his memoir he authorized waterboarding. #

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