Naked scanners and groping: Where is the multitude of citizens standing up against the planned degradation by the elitists again and again of the dignity of the common person? "TSA encounter at SAN"

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Does it sound like I won't be flying on a commercial jetliner ever again?

If they say you can't take a bus or train or boat or drive a car or walk down the sidewalk even if it's to the local grocery to get unmarked GMO salmon, it sounds like I'll just starve to death. If the evil Empire is good enough to fight and die for, than dying for some real principles is certainly more than acceptable, don't you think?

Do you think they even checked to see if the young man had a record or had ever communicated (they spy on everyone, remember) with any "known" terrorists? I'm sure they didn't give a damn about that he is probably a law-abiding citizen above suspicion.

Does Bill Gates get scanned or groped every time he gets on a jet that could be flown into whatever? He does not, and you know it. What's more, you know why he isn't.

He isn't because we live in a class-based society where you are second class or worse and Bill Gates is first class because he made billions via illegal agreements in restraint of trade and was let off the hook by George W. Bush.

The plutocrats don't get scanned or groped. The plutocrat-banksters are a super-criminal class that actually enjoys degrading everyone else. It makes them feel superior. They are sick and evil. If it were not for them, we would not be in the mess that we are.

The world was better when people, families, tribes, and nations, etc., were vastly more egalitarian. The people need to stand up the way this young man stood up. He stood up for humanness. Whether he knows it or not, he said, "I am not an animal to be herded to satisfy your depraved lusts." I suspect he knows it.

Is it time to boycott the airline industry until the federal government restores some semblance of dignity to the common people?

You know that many of the news stories about potential terrorist attacks have been orchestrated by that government in cahoots with industry that makes billions off the average taxpayer and traveler. So-called Homeland and other security outfits are just revolving doors with corporations that get the contracts.

It's all a scam, and you are one of the suckers. All the dots connect: 9/11, the depression, the resource wars, the GMO's, and on and on. If you don't believe, you're just not realizing just how evil, evil minds are.

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