Twitter Digest: November 15, 2010

  1. I'm testing a WordPress Twitter-plugin "fix"/calculation with this tweet. #

  2. Twitter Digest: November 14, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  3. " cuts are correlated to deficits and debt." Cut taxes so the banksters will get more from you coming and going. #

  4. Champion elm Herbie to be sold in artful pieces via @AddToAny #

  5. Great article!: "To Nationalize or Bail Out?" via @AddToAny #

  6. "Boy Baby Names: [so-called] Gender Neutral Trend, from Cullen to Cameron" is simply adding confusion. #

  7. Boys' Self-Esteem Problems. [It's prissy adults and greedy product-pushers who don't know how guide them to be real.] #

  8. Standard Operating Procedure: Look at Zionist war criminals welcomed by the US: "Nazis Were Given 'Safe Haven' in U.S." #

  9. If you only check 1 of my Tweets, ck this 1: Source of AQAP's "claim of responsibility" is Zionist/Mossad: "Rita Katz" #

  10. A Must Watch!: "Zionism and Herzl: The Antisemitic Side of Zionism" 9024068972366598651&hl=en# #

  11. Green light for Jerusalem settlers . #

  12. An Apartheid State . #

  13. Zionism: Racist, fascist, murderous, & covetous. End it! RT @intifada2 IS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ABOUT TO TOSS ISRAEL? #

  14. To the American Humanist Association: Albert Einstein & Katherine Hepburn did not measure up to Jesus Christ. Their "morality" wasn't close. #

  15. American Humanist Association plans ads comparing Old Testament, anti-Christianity teachings against "humanism," not Sermon on the Mount #

  16. "Rep. John Conyers Calls for Investigation of Bush Era War Crimes" Yes, now that he's going to be in the minority again. Where has he been? #

  17. Oh, Rep. John Conyers had Nancy Pelosi to contend with. She didn't want to look back. She was with Obama on letting unrepentant evil off. #

  18. Rep. John Conyers could have braved it and gone ahead with hearings even though Nancy Pelosi would have fought against him. He caved. #

  19. John Shimkus (R-IL) says God will save Earth from global warming. Then those who work destroying the Earth will themselves be destroyed. #

  20. CO2 is termed "plant food," but let's put this in terms 4-yr-olds may understand. There's a limit for how much is consumed. Think chocolate. #

  21. "Why is the U.S. Helping Finance Fossil Fuels Overseas?" It's people follow bad shepherds is why. #

  22. The banksters must go: "Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters," William K. Black & L. Randall Wray #

  23. BuildingWhat? on Geraldo Nov 13 2010 . #

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