Fusion Centers: update, what you aren't allowed to know: "An American Stasi?"

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"A massive database on peaceful citizens, a tip hotline that encourages turning in neighbors, the casting of suspicion on daily activities, enlisting private workers as national surveillance agents—this is a police state in the making. And if its creation is invisible to most people, well, that is another characteristic of a police state. You are not a believer until it knocks on your door . . . in the middle of the night."

Does FactCheck.org have it completely right about this: https://www.factcheck.org/2005/07/a-100-million-court-fight/skfactcheck/is_obama_planning_a_gestapo-like_civilian_national.html I say they don't. I say the Fusion Centers are ripe for abuse. I say that Frank Church would be against them for all the right reasons.

There are local police officers who really do want to do a good job and not violate the proper rights of citizens, but they are the lowest men and women on the national totem pole of law-enforcement. If they complain, they get fired. Only a handful of Sheriffs, who are elected, have been the ones to mostly stand up against the hyper-surveillance state from within law-enforcement.

Chris Cut Wars McCabe

Long suspected.....shared.

Tom Usher

Thanks, Chris.

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