How much radiation contaminates your water?

How much radiation contaminates your water?

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"The 'zero threshold' allowance for radionuclides, from a health based standard, is one reason why the EPA set the drinking water federal health goal, called the MCLG (Maximum Contaminant Limit Goal) at zero for all forms of ionizing radiation."

What do you think? Has the depleted uranium (DU) the United States of America, through its military, has been spreading all over nations it has attacked added to this problem in those nations? How many Texans worry about their children but don't give a damn about the radiation the US spreads about the world, especially in wars begun under knowingly false pretenses?

Also, how many of those same Texans hate government, per se, when it's the EPA that set the standard at zero for the sake of those anti-government Texans? Do they think that greedy capitalists and corporatists would do a better job? Who would make them reveal the evidence of contaminants in the water they supply? Look at what the tobacco industry did for decades — covering up that they knew smoking and chewing causes cancer. Look at the oil industry trying to prevent the people from knowing just how much damage has been done to the Gulf of Mexico. Who would enforce cleaning up the water if there were no government or "state"? Do you think you'd simply buy your water elsewhere? Just how expensive would that be since all of your water would have to come much farther distances? You'd still have to have it privately and independently tested and still wouldn't be able to enforce things without government.

It's a terrible shame that certain members of humanity love making themselves rich off the misery they cause others. Those people are in business and fund people to enter government on those rich monsters' behalf, not yours, unless you're one of them.

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