Police State for Corporatist-Elitist-Detrimental Plutocrats: "Raw Foods Raid - The Fight For the Right To Eat What You Want" and what's actually better for you

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Look at the numbers of people buying there. How many of them have become sick or died from eating the raw food they've purchased there? Where's the evidence that the food club was providing dangerous foods? You and I know what's going on with the raids. The super-rich anti-health-food "food" supply-and-processing industry (those who are bringing us dangerous GMO everything, including now "salmon") has (with their vast profits from duped, uninformed, deliberately-kept-in-the-d
ark citizens) lobbied and funded political candidates for laws to create for themselves a food-supply monopoly and to Hell with your health and rights as a human being.

Tom Usher

This is where I was led to the video: http://bytestyle.tv/content/raw-foods-raid-fight-right-eat-what-you-want I tried sharing it on Facebook via the Networked Blogs toolbar, but it wouldn't work. Anyway, Shelly, deserves credit for placing the video on her site and linking to it from Facebook. I've supplied her URL directly rather than through Networked Blogs, so you may share her post directly if you want. Perhaps it's just a browser issue.

I did want to favorite the video on YouTube regardless, which I've done. I also decided to subscribe to Reason.tv there, even though I'm not that kind of libertarian (capitalist).

Tom Usher

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