Schools are failing boys of all races, By MAGGIE GALLAGHER -

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"In 2006, Beverly M. Klecker published an analysis of the gender gap in NAEP test scores. She found something remarkable: A gender gap favoring girls — visible in the fourth grade — grows worse with each passing year.
"Why are schools failing boys so badly? No one knows for sure, but a simple answer may lie in the books we ask boys to read.

"In 2003, Beverley Freedmon conducted focus groups with boys to try to find out why they were slipping behind. The boys complained that they hated not being given a choice about what to read, and they wanted more action stories and science fiction."

The biggest problem with schools has been the same for as long as I can remember. On average, they aren't stimulating or challenging. They hold people back. People who could easily go on and do excellent work to then contribute back to society ten-fold or more are held back for lack of money. It's stupid. It's been stupid.

Chris Cut Wars McCabe

Hmmmm; my criticism of co-education started when we noticed how long No2 Stepson spent tarting up in the bathroom for school.....but there's also a tendency for schools in UK now to focus almost exclusively on academic 'achievement', with sports a poor 2nd, no vocational/skills teaching; lathes (which cd be used by girls & boys) sitting unused for fear of accidents & litigation. Thankfully, dyslexia is now recognised & not addressed with slaps & insults.

Tom Usher

There are some schools over here that are being taken over by the teachers and turned into what are called charter schools. There have been mixed results, but some of the teacher-led schools have raised standards and achievements across the board. They've brought back all sorts of things that were considered too expensive and done it on the same level of funding. The biggest problem right now seems to be teaching to the tests. That's a great way to kill creativity, and just look at how the US has been slipping in that department.

The UK is even a greater "nanny state" than is the US.

Wood shop was a great learning experience. I also took auto mechanics. I wouldn't have minded being shown a thing or two by some chefs though. We had music and art and athletics (too much of the Big Three though: football (American, not what we call soccer over here), baseball, basketball). I liked it when we tried other things. I liked summer camp for that reason. A well-rounded education is a great thing. It definitely pays huge dividends back to the society that pays for it.

Chris Cut Wars McCabe

Cert, as with driving tuition, teaching merely to Pass the Test doesn't produce good drivers.

I learned a lot on our Church Youth Group work camps, skills + other cultures, & learned some auto mechanics from my ex-husband - v handy! My 1st secondary school was rubbish except for a few teachers, & the odd thing was that a few boys were able to opt for 'Housecraft' (cookery) with parental/ward lobbying, but no girl got to do metal or woodwork.

Tom Usher

Yes, no girls got to do wood or metal work here either. Of course, those were the days before it took two incomes to pay the household bills and a journeyman machinist could provide a middle-class house for a family of four or even six.

Frankly, I do consider homemaking as being every bit as valuable as a job on the outside. There was also something to be said for Mom's being home when the kids got out of school. Boys did not get to act up as much. They weren't loose on the streets as much. The women also knew each other in the neighborhoods better and could cooperate to keep places safer.

I wonder how many women secretly long for a return to some of that life.

Chris Cut Wars McCabe

Not even secretly; feminism intended to give women choice, not for all to do the same.......Or a few blokes whose woman is the higher earner wd like to be at home with their own kids. The downside was the prejudice against single professional women, who were seen as a threat by being able to undercut working men with families to feed. There's still a nasty disrespect for 'menial' (vital!) work, & people are leaving their young ones in the care of barely trained, low-paid workers in day care. A lot of women in manufacturing were able to work part-time & still have time for children & home.

Tom Usher

Feminism was used by the superrich to undercut salaries and wages to deliberately weaken the family structure, which structure they have always seen as a threat to their ill-gotten supremacy. It has been a divide and conquer strategy.

They have been weakening marriage and flesh and blood loyalty for centuries now.

There have also been radical anti-moralists who have worked long and hard to undercut the family in order to allow those anti-moralists to get away with tricking the people into falsely believing that clear errors are not only okay but good.

It's up to Christians to work to counter all of this by raising the standards of the spiritual and flesh and blood family to the level Jesus has had in mind and that he demonstrated toward his closest friends.

We are to call each other to righteousness and not to coercion. Hearts must change. They can't be abused into it and have it be real and lasting. Abuse has promoted more hardness. It's been counter-productive.

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