Still Snobbery: "Geraldo 'much more open minded' about 9/11 thanks to NYC CAN television ad campaign" | Raw Story

Tom Usher commented or added the following:

"...that same day the BBC reported that building seven had fallen some 23 minutes before it went down and featured a reporter speaking about the third dose of tragedy even as the tower remained standing behind her. Discovery of the mistaken and ill-timed reportage has since fueled talk of an international conspiracy, but the network insists it was simply mistaken and has adamantly denied allegations that it received advance notice of the collapse."

" was simply mistaken...."? It was a "lucky" guess then, is that what they're standing on? Who in his or her right mind accepts such utter garbage. They were told it was down (coming down or already down, and they screwed up and scrambled to hush it up — broke the TV signal instantly and pretended it was an innocent technological error). Who could have known in advance that this utterly new "phenomenon of thermal expansion" (something that never happened before 9/11) would do that? The answer is, only those who had planned to bring down Building 7 long before 9/11 to cover up everything that was in Building 7. Minions, dupes, and sycophants think otherwise.

In addition, Geraldo Rivera needs to stop being such a snob and eat crow rather than attempting to excuse himself for not knowing that at one point there was one, lone, "nutjob" architect, Richard Gage, who started Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911). Richard Gage started looking into it because of the other "nutjobs" who weren't buffaloed the way Geraldo Rivera was completely duped and stayed that way until just recently — mighty slow, Geraldo for someone with your resources. Nevertheless, it's better late than never.

Welcome to the knowledge that the official version of 9/11 is a vast criminal conspiracy headed up by the Bush/Cheney/Ariel Sharon Administrations neocon/Zionists, just as the Gulf of Tonkin was a vast conspiracy as were so many other false-flag operations down through American history (including the USS Liberty, which was the Zionists, with US President Lyndon Johnson's direct help, trying to sink an American ship to blame it on the Egyptians). It's all documented. You just need to spend time reading it rather than watching so much "entertainment." Then, stand up and voice the truth. It really will set you/us free!

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