Twitter Digest: November 19, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: November 16, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  2. As if the basis of this story has been substantiated: "Al Qaeda denies plot to target Muslim pilgrims" | Reuters #

  3. Raw Foods Raid - The Fight For the Right To Eat What You Want . #

  4. American Libertarians illogically point at France claiming welfare-state failure because French rightist threw out Gypsies. Stupid! #

  5. Libertarians point to Sweden as proof (wrong) welfare states don't work, but many in Eastern Europe are pining for a return to socialism. #

  6. "big governments—almost always...segregate, crack down, round up, deport, torture, mass murder and exterminate" What was the company store? #

  7. "Saint Peter don't you call me cuz I can't come. I owe my soul to the company store." Libertarianism...Free Markets.... Sure, sure. Sin! #

  8. Some people really believe that because governments overreach, it would be better to be at the mercy of predatory capitalists/robber barons. #

  9. The problem with big government in the US is the banksters and corporatists own it. Good big government is good, but we have bad government. #

  10. "express toll lanes to relieve road congestion in urban areas...already operate successfully [?] in California, Colorado...Minn" Rich lanes #

  11. "Routinely, DOD does not know if it has paid cont[r]actors once, twice or not at all." It's been that way on purpose for decades! Corruption #

  12. The majority don't understand economics. The last thing we need is austerity! We just need to spend in the right places, not bank bailouts. #

  13. I have never seen this "Lady Gaga." I believe that's a good thing. #

  14. "A 53%-majority of Republicans say there is no solid evidence the earth is warming." Moronic! Dupes of the Koch brothers! Oil money! #

  15. 53% of Republicans think there's no solid evidence of global warming. Didn't we just finished the hottest decade since record keeping began? #

  16. 53% of Republicans say there's no solid evidence of global warming. We may be about to finished the hottest year since record keeping began. #

  17. It's still been getting hotter despite a depression slowing fuel use for many and with thousands of chemtrails and added volcanic ash. #

  18. "first 10 days of this month,...wholesale price of popular vegetables in 36 Chinese cities...62.4 percent higher than a year earlier" #

  19. "Chinese officials...warned...US stimulus measures...could cause damaging fund flows into...China and trigger inflation." #

  20. "[Chinese]...tightened rules on property purchases by foreigners to curb speculative inflows...aimed at dampening real estate speculation." #

  21. "last Christmas when an al-Qaida operative made it onto a Chicago-bound plane with explosives stuffed in his underwear." False-flag attack! #

  22. Anyone who has bothered to read what eye witnesses have had to say know that the "underwear" bomber was US-government controlled. #

  23. The underwear bomber was videoed the whole time and allowed on without proper ID, etc. Why aren't scanning/groping stories covering that? #

  24. A person's flesh and blood family isn't supposed to become less important. One's spiritual family is supposed to become more important. #

  25. The less important marriage becomes, the less important family loyalty & faithfulness will become. The anti-God state will say it owns you. #

  26. "divorce site in the United Kingdom...reported..."Facebook" was appearing in about one in five of the petitions it was handling." #

  27. "Workers cleaning up...most contaminated [US] nuclear site have discovered an area of soil so radioactive it exceeds lethal limits tenfold" #

  28. A paranoid schizophrenic allegedly robbed a bank. The government is considering medicating him so they can try him. Who's insane? #

  29. "White House pushes for "don't ask" vote this year" Yes, let those who murder and die for Empire be openly homosexual! Great. What a cause! #

  30. US & China have valid points over the Fed's latest quantitative easing, George Soros said. They sort of do. Is Soros sort of rich? #

  31. "Are TSA pat-downs and full-body scans unconstitutional?" Are airlines completely private? Do people give their consent when buying tickets? #

  32. "Are TSA pat-downs and full-body scans unconstitutional?" Is flying so ubiquitous that being blocked is fundamentally unfair/discriminatory? #

  33. "The people who caved in to the Republicans lost their seats anyway. That certainly wasn't a route to safety this year." — Alan Grayson #

  34. Conspiracy theories arise from underpants bomber story . #

  35. When the anti-mixed economy types (libertarians) claim money will flee to China, think of the 6-7 thousand Foxconn-worker street-protesters. #

  36. When the libertarian capitalist claim money will flee to China, remember that the U.S. Embassy said Beijing air quality is "crazy bad." #

  37. "Israel began its Gaza offensive in December 2008, after years of intense rocket fire...." Twisting! Truth: After a ceasefire Zionists broke #

  38. European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) vultures are swooping in on Ireland. Don't, Ireland! Issue a new currency. #

  39. I will not be an early adopter, if ever. I like my filters, subject lines, and I'm a grown up. #

  40. US Rep. John Mica (R-Fl) is a shill for private contractors to take the TSA's place. Corporate or public employees groping is still groping! #

  41. Government is dodging full-body-scanner issues. They weren't tested, are porno, & are saved by the same people who spy on us & lie about it. #

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