Deficit Panic Disorder | The Nation

Deficit Panic Disorder | The Nation

Deficit Panic Disorder | The Nation

Actually, the unemployment rate is more like 18%+.

The most important thing has been jobs since the moment the banksters crashed the system. The smartest thing to have done in the face of that, in addition to shutting down the banksters, would have been to hire everyone on the public's dime. It would have meant everyone (the people; the state) hiring everyone who is unemployed and hiring them through the people's government, or what should be the people's government but is now the Plutocrats' tool, thanks in no small measure to the Reaganites and the Ayn Rand lovers.

We should have had a new WPA and CCC effort (New, New Deal) on steroids, so to speak. It should have been paid for via a re-nationalize currency in the form of interest-free and tax-free United States Notes to also have been used to pay off the National Debt — at least the nonfraudulent part (to those who didn't know the whole "investment" has been an evil-banksters' Ponzi scheme).

those who were most heavily funded by the Wall Street banksters (Obama, et al.). Now the people are foolishly listening to more nonsense from that same Wall Street wing only worse!

If "We the People" had done the right things, the recession/depression would have been over nearly before it began and the US would be out pacing the world but in a good way — leading the way in the direction of turning to righteousness and real love of neighbor. Instead, we have the Golden Rule haters in charge — the hyper selfish who laud pure greed. It's sick, and the Tea Partiers need to wake up to the facts.

The superrich don't give a damn about you, little Tea Party members. They'll throw you to the wolves (the superrich are the wolves) in an instant.

These correct moves can still be made. None of it will happen though if you don't all start talking and writing about it often — endlessly — until you make it the reality.

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