EU Declares Peppermint a Controllable Herb

"After April Fool's Day [in the EU], if you grow herbs in the garden, then process them into oils or teas or simply sell the dried leaves, you will be breaking the law...unless you have the finances and will to submit to the MHRA rules."

via EU Declares Peppermint a Controllable Herb.

Well, the pharmaceutical industry's billionaires are obviously behind this.

Look, apples are good for some serious conditions. Is the EU going to ban apples from your yard? In fact, every food on earth impacts upon serious conditions. Is the EU going to ban every food from your yard, your farm?

I should think that it would be beyond the time that the people in Europe decided that government is only legitimate when it has the consent of the governed.

It is my understanding that the European Parliament is not truly accountable to the European voters but is more a hand-picked bunch representing elitists who seek only to lord it over the masses for the sake of more personal, private, and special advantage and privilege (and especially mammon) for them and less for the "commoners," the people.

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