The people need interest-free, unlimited-legal-tender United States Notes now

To get completely out of the current mess quickly, we need to issue new and interest-free United States Notes replacing all Federal Reserve Notes and make them "unlimited legal tender." We need to issue them directly into the economy and peg them directly to real productivity (we know what that is), not speculation of any kind, just the real economy. We will need no taxes, and there will be no inflation or deflation because the issuance will be pegged to real productivity, which will actually be unlimited. There will be no financial limitation imposed upon the people or the people's government by parasitic banksters who contribute nothing but rather simply leech.

The people need interest-free, unlimited-legal-tender United States Notes now

Legal tender status guaranteed that creditors would have to accept the notes despite the fact that they were not backed by gold, bank deposits, or government reserves, and bore no interest. However, the First Legal Tender Act did not make the notes an unlimited legal tender as they could not be used by merchants to pay customs duties on imports and could not be used by the government to pay interest on its bonds.

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Once the bonds (National Debt) is paid off, the government wouldn't issue any more bonds because it wouldn't have to borrow from the banksters. Your government wouldn't have to tax you to pay the interest on bonds to the Federal Reserve and others from whom the government has been borrowing but never, never really had to and never should have.

It has all been one huge scam on the American people perpetrated by parasitic bankers most of whom weren't even Americans when it all began, many still aren't.

Throw off their evil yoke. The original Greenbackers (members of the Greenback Party) were headed in the right direction for the common people.

The Wall Street bankers today are mostly coke heads (reportedly some 98% of them) who don't care about you and who don't know what they are doing other than the plutocrats bidding raping you and yours.

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