Where's God? "TIME/Pew Poll: What Is Marriage Good For?" - TIME

Where's God? "TIME/Pew Poll: What Is Marriage Good For?" - TIME

TIME/Pew Poll: What Is Marriage Good For? - TIME.

Is God mentioned in this TIME article on marriage? Is religion mentioned? Christianity? Jesus? No, no, no, and no. This is a very long article on marriage, and religion isn't even mentioned. How common is the question, "Are you going to have a church wedding?" What does the fact that TIME has completely divorced marriage from religion in their article and Pew in its Poll tell you about the agenda of TIME, its author, and Pew? Nothing?

Anti-Christs have been ripping at fidelity and wholesomeness for centuries, even millennia.

This article is nonchalant about adultery and fornication, as if amorality on them is simply a matter of current fads or trends, as if whatever we decide is okay is therefore okay. It's the slippery slope of hedonism into depravity and living Hell.

This is a dark age getting darker. History will look back on it as on par with Caligula's in many respects.

The lowering of moral standards has been precipitous, and society will pay a heavy price for it. Mark my words. It already has.

There's a direct correlation between things getting worse and worse and this attitude toward fidelity and wholesomeness and about adultery and fornication. It's all interconnected.

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