YouTube - Geraldo Rivera is such a snob when discussing so-called "new" evidence that 9/11 was an inside job

Geraldo is such a snob. He dances all around trying to find words to avoid giving the original 9/11 Truth Movement any credibility.

Well, I don't agree with Alex Jones on everything (anthropogenic global warning being a main one), but Alex was and is miles and miles ahead of Geraldo on this and many, many other issues, and Geraldo knows it.

Geraldo is hedging in a huge way. He doubts the US government, even the secret government (owned and operated by the Plutocrats that those Plutocrats hide behind the "government" facade that Geraldo sells to the general public for millions a year) would do such a thing or cover it up. Wow, what a sycophant he is showing himself to be.

Come on, Geraldo, snap out of it. Quit the fence-sitting.

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