For a mass movement against austerity! For a workers' government on socialist policies!

For a mass movement against austerity! For a workers' government on socialist policies!

"The claim that austerity is the price to be paid for returning Britain to "prosperity" is a fraud. The cuts are a direct result of the £1.5 trillion bailout of the UK banks that was carried out in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crash—the equivalent of Britain's entire annual GDP." Amen!


"The only section of society that is "ring-fenced" from this assault are those responsible for the economic crisis in the first place. While the ruling elite insist "there is no money" for hospitals, education, pensions and welfare benefits, the bankers and billionaires continue to reap massive financial rewards for their parasitic and essentially criminal activities, many in institutions now almost entirely dependent on state subsidies." Amen!

via For a mass movement against austerity! For a workers' government on socialist policies!.

The billionaires made the mess. They should pay, not the poor. "Soak the rich" should be on everyone's lips, even though we should not seek to punish but rather save souls.

The superrich are thieves, con artists, liars. They are not responsible for bounty at all. They do not create jobs. They destroy people. They are very, very sick. They have a dreaded disease called selfishness, and it's hyper.

They have been duping the masses of "conservatives" and "liberals" alike.

Don't fall for their lies any further. Austerity is not necessary at all.

The people can create a new currency that is not under the thumb of the banksters. The people do not need to have their government  borrowing from banks. The people can have their government issue tax-free, interest-free, full-legal-tender United States Notes directly from their government into the economy at exactly the rate needed for all real-productive projects and services that the people want for each other. They don't need anyone's permission to do this. They are the sovereigns.

If they do it correctly, there will be no poverty, no taxes, no debts, no fees, no inflation, no deflation, only everyone working for everyone who owns everything together and treats everything better than if he or she owned it alone. Now that's the Golden Rule and love in action.

The people can even look forward to doing away with mammon all together. With the right spirit, the people don't need any medium-of-exchange. Does a good father hold out his hand for money from his son when he calls that son to his table for supper? He does not. That's because they are family and the father loves his son. So, why is it any different with any human being? Where's the love, we say to God. Well, God says that to us. God provides even as a good father provides, but it is humanity that spits at God and fails to realize that it is humanity that brings Hell upon itself and one another while God doesn't want us to choose evil.

I say we all can be the sons and daughters of God if we will but choose it. Stop the greed. Stop the violence. Stop the depravity. Turn to wholesomeness. Turn to peace. Turn to giving and sharing the full and rightful inheritance of all: the whole Earth and universe, really.

Stop misunderstanding that humanity is one flesh and blood family that can and should and one day will be one spiritual family.

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