Devil Mammon in charge: TSA: Some govt officials to skip airport security - Travel - News -

TSA: Some govt officials to skip airport security - Travel - News -

Of course, you knew this. You couldn't have thought that everyone right up to and including the President get scanned and/or patted down/groped. That's only for second-class citizens.

Where's the info on all the corporate jets? Those executive jets allow their passengers to get on board without such screening. Where's the call for all Fortune 5oo CEO's to have to go through TSA screening that's exactly the same as for the lower-class people?

Oh yes, it's a class war. There's no doubt about it. The poorer classes bail out the superrich parasites so those parasites have the lobbying funds to give huge campaign contributions to those they own in Congress and the White House.

Whose government is it? Is it government of, by, and for the people? It is not. That's because one-person, one-vote is not equal when the Devil, mammon, gets to decide who gets to talk and to be heard.

Wake up. Capitalism can be and really is every bit as evil as, even often more so than, coercive socialism. Just imagine if the greediest of the greedy had no regulations placed upon them at all. Talk about serfdom...try absolute slavery without any pretense at all.

Don't you think the slavers were capitalists. They sure were and still are. Change your hearts, capitalists. Right now, you're lost. Right now, you are dead of the Holy Spirit of truth. Laissez-faire capitalism is an abominable tool of the Koch brothers and many other plutocrats and other would-be slavers (already economic slavers in many respects). Just look at the banksters and how they've stolen tens of trillions of dollars.

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