Video Link: Zionism Still Blocking Much Medical and Other Aid for Little Children

The Gazans are living the way the video shows because many had their lands stolen beyond Gaza. So, under the Zionists, you are punished for being punished.

Israel's blockade of Gaza has been in place for almost three years.

Building on existing closures and restrictions, the blockade means the delay or denial of a broad range of items - food, industrial, educational, medical - deemed "non-essential" for a population largely unable to be self-sufficient at the end of decades of occupation. The blockade prevents access by sea, land and air, effectively closing off a population of 1.5 million Palestinians from the outside world.

This short film examines what the blockade means for the people of Gaza, as they struggle to rebuild their lives over a year after Operation Cast Lead.

via Medical Aid for Palestinians - Our Work - Occupied Palestinian Territory - Media - Media View.

Do you think what the Zionists and many Orthodox Jews in Israel have done to cause this situation for the Gazans is of God or the Devil? It's the Devil/Satan or whatever other name you want to use for radical evil.

The Zionists are radically evil, meaning evil is their root. They better change their core, or they'll find themselves on the receiving end of their wickedly low standards.

It's time for Gaza and Palestine to become free of wicked Zionist occupation and control.

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