Organizing Notes: "SOUTH KOREA FIRED FIRST SHOTS," by Bruce K. Gagnon

South Korea has admitted it was the first to fire the shots in this incident. However it says the firing was part of a military drill, not directed at North Korea.The U.S. and South Korean forces have been holding aggressive military war games directed at North Korea virtually every month since July. It was only a matter of time before this happened as the South Koreans, led by their right-wing President Lee (dressed in his bomber jacket like George W. Bush liked to do), has been spurred on by the Americans to incite greater tensions in the Korean peninsula.


Bruce has it right, and I'll add the following, as I did on his Facebook Wall post:

It's pointing the dagger at China possibly provoking a war before China becomes too advanced in space, etc. It's also getting the people of Japan all nervous so they overturn their pacifist constitution and start manufacturing huge quantities of weapons and build up a giant military, also against China.

Many Pentagon planners want to get the US out of its debt crisis via more military Keynesianism and foreign conquests. They'll just kill and steal their way out of the economic depression is their evil thinking.

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