Twitter Digest: November 25, 2010

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  4. Twitter Digest: November 19, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  5. How much radiation contaminates your water? via @AddToAny #

  6. Police State for Corporatist-Elitist-Detrimental Plutocrats: "Raw Foods Raid - Fight For the Right To Eat What You..." #

  7. Mr. Obama's Most Recent "2%" Sellout is his Worst Yet | Michael Hudson via @AddToAny #

  8. Still Snobbery: "Geraldo 'much more open minded' about 9/11 thanks to NYC CAN television ad campaign" | Raw Story #

  9. Some homosexuals' and/or militarists' double-standards at evil work: "Westboro Baptist Church member's tires slashed" #

  10. Porno-scanners is right!: "Investigate the TSA, Not Tyner" | FDL Action via @AddToAny #

  11. Costco, just say NO to wholesale ocean destruction via @AddToAny #

  12. He killed it: "Barack Obama's hopes for a nuclear-free world fading fast" | World news | The Guardian via @AddToAny #

  13. This story doesn't tell anything about the other side: "Fed and Central Banks Driving Market" | #

  14. Agreed, but where? Main Street!: "Fed Needs to Pump Trillions More Into Economy": Analyst - CNBC #

  15. My take on Doug Henwood's commentary about John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics ( #

  16. What of Michael Hudson's observation on debt-deflation and gold?: "Notes on Bernanke's Apologia for QE2" Robert Higgs #

  17. Barack Obama wants a Star Wars shield for Europe so NATO can be illegally belligerent with near impunity. Will it block Zionist nukes? #

  18. Ayn Rand's favorite Dickens character was Scrooge before he saw the light. The so-called philosophical school she created is a nightmare. #

  19. How long before open pedophiles are foster parents and allowed to adopt? If you say, "It will never happen," will you remember saying it? #

  20. "feeling that they are stuck in the wrong body" When science and medicine can, will it change brains rather than do "sex-change" surgeries? #

  21. The "Nanny State" is a problem, but Sarah Palin showing up to school with cookies was a bad stunt. Children do need healthy food at school. #

  22. What would Sarah Palin do, agree with Ronald Reagan that catchup should count as a serving of vegetables at school? How cheap that was. #

  23. I agree with the sentiment behind US Rep. Ron Paul's (R-TX) "The American Traveler Dignity Act." #

  24. On airport security, people should be pre-cleared by clean records. It should be illegal to put law-abiding people through degradation. #

  25. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is being an ass for suggesting airport security use profiling. Law-abiding is law-abiding regardless. #

  26. Yes, Rick Santorum's 92 year old mother doesn't need to be scanned or groped, but neither does a law-abiding Arab man. The government knows. #

  27. Government is spying on everyone. It knows every jet traveler: who's talking to whom. It doesn't need to hassle law-abiding people! #

  28. "70 percent said...midterms were a negative reaction to the governing party. Only 17 percent said..election provided the GOP...a mandate." #

  29. "'It is very important to keep politics out of monetary policy,' Geithner said." The Fed is central to the scam. Re-nationalize currency. #

  30. "Nigerian man tried to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear..." It's been proven, he was deliberately let on by US intelligence. #

  31. "two packages stuffed with explosives made it aboard two U.S. cargo flights overseas." The original officers said it was not explosives. #

  32. "Yemen-based group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for both plots." Unsubstantiated website posts are not proof! #

  33. Not scanning pilots or groping children under 12 is not good enough! Do not touch non-suspect, law-abiding people. You need cause to search! #

  34. $67,000 for losing your health cleaning up & rescuing at 9/11 ground zero isn't much, especially when the government knew the air was toxic. #

  35. The suicide rate for WWII veterans is about double that of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Wait until they're older. War is evil. #

  36. Defense Secretary Robert Gates defied Netanyahu. Gates said attacking Iran would likely drive Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. #

  37. "If Congressional cowboys scale back ... before the private sector is ready to pick up the slack, it will simply leave a big hole in GDP." #

  38. Keiser Report â„–89: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  39. Climate Science 1956: A Blast from the Past . #

  40. Keiser Report â„–90: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  41. Keiser Report â„–92: Fake Markets! Fake Finance! . #

  42. Keiser Report â„–91: The Departed . #

  43. Joseph Stiglitz Calls for Jail Time for Corporate Crooks - DailyFinance. I call for the Christian Commons. #

  44. Keiser Report â„–93: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  45. Don't blame Keynesianism for the neocon, Zionist, Bush-43 holdovers plowing new money into the bankster Wall Street hole, not Main Street. #

  46. Going deeper into the bubble, Alan Greenspan said, "irrational exuberance." Going into the debt bubble, he said, "good." Do you see? #

  47. Do not put your faith in gold. Your faith belongs in God. God is alive & saves the faithful in the end. Mammon is dead & will let you down. #

  48. Going on the gold standard is backwards. United States Notes, re-nationalizing to interest-free notes, is a vastly superior idea. #

  49. A gold standard would rev up gold mining even more, which is extremely toxic to the environment. Doesn't that matter? It certainly does. #

  50. People who have invested heavily in gold aren't talking about the down sides. They want their investment to rise regardless of negatives. #

  51. Going on the gold standard helped ruin the Roman Empire. It caused the Populists in the US to rise up against it too. Think about it. #

  52. Never has gold been good to the common person relative to the superrich. The US would do much better with interest-free United States Notes. #

  53. QE2 is aimed at further propping up fraudulent bankers delaying the inevitable but mostly passing on bankster losses to American taxpayers. #

  54. QE2 would have been fine had it, & QE1, been aimed at putting Americans to work in the form of a New, New Deal with a 21st century WPA/CCC+. #

  55. Re-nationalizing the US currency as interest-and-tax-free, unlimited-tender United States Notes to pay for a New, New Deal would work well. #

  56. Print & Pump: 'Fed's $500 billion boost to feed mega-banks' . #

  57. Hopeless, Helpless: Suicides on rise as Afghan women face abuse alone . #

  58. Ralph Nader: Corporate socialism runs US government . #

  59. US Black Debt Hole: 'We want you all bankrupt!' . #

  60. West Bank Wall: Apt or Apartheid? . #

  61. Video of 'nuclear train' clashes as toxic waste hauled to German dump . #

  62. Keiser Report: 'Crash JP Morgan' Special (ft. Alex Jones) . #

  63. 'Waterboarding called torture everywhere but White House' - ex-CIA officer . #

  64. 50,000 on streets as UK students fury descends in fire & smashed glass . #

  65. Time to Socialize? Capitalism collapse sets stage for new left . #

  66. Stealth jets for peace? 'Israel blackmails the world' . #

  67. Dennis Kucinich: Flawed US economy works against people . #

  68. Price of 'Peace': 20 F-35 stealth jets to bribe Israel? . #

  69. Israel boots activists out over standing up for Palestinians . #

  70. Fierce clashes in Greece: Stones fly on police, tear gas used on students . #

  71. Europe Nazism revival 65 years after Nuremberg Trial . #

  72. Sweden seeks to arrest WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange on rape charge . #

  73. 355 boyle . #

  74. Check it out! Greenback Party - Wikipedia via @AddToAny #

  75. Check this out too! The people need interest-free, unlimited-legal-tender United States Notes now via @AddToAny #

  76. YouTube - Price of 'Peace': 20 F-35 stealth jets to bribe Israel? via @AddToAny #

  77. Building 7 fell down, and it wasn't from fire. YouTube - Video of Shanghai skyscraper inferno as 53 killed in China #

  78. Francis Boyle on Zionism, Hypocrisy, and Anti-Palestinian Racism in U.S. Academia via @AddToAny #

  79. YouTube - Geraldo Rivera is such a snob when discussing so-called "new" evidence that 9/11 was an inside job #

  80. Where's God? "TIME/Pew Poll: What Is Marriage Good For?" - TIME via @AddToAny #

  81. YouTube - Climate Science 1956: "Man-Made Global Warming" Blast from the Past via @AddToAny #

  82. The utter insanity of insatiable greed: "EU Declares Peppermint a Controllable Herb" via @AddToAny #

  83. Lawmakers Move to Eject Nude Scanners From New York Airports | Threat Level | via @AddToAny #

  84. But non-coercive: For a mass movement against austerity! For a workers' government on socialist policies! via @AddToAny #

  85. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Chilean Economy-10-29-2010-(Part1) . #

  86. Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates . #

  87. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Chilean Economy-10-29-2010-(Part2) . #

  88. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Increasing US Debt-11-05-2010-(Part3) . #

  89. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Increasing US Debt-11-05-2010-(Part1) . #

  90. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Increasing US Debt-11-05-2010-(Part2) . #

  91. "Abiogenic oil" and "On the Edge with Max Keiser-World Oil Production-11-19-2010-Part2" #

  92. On the Edge with Max Keiser-World Oil Production-11-19-2010-(Part1) . #

  93. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global Financial System-11-12-2010-(Part3) . #

  94. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global Financial System-11-12-2010-(Part2) . #

  95. On the Edge with Max Keiser-Global Financial System-11-12-2010-(Part1) . #

  96. Video: THE MONEY FIX | The Money Fix: A documentary film about our economy via @AddThis #

  97. London Anti War Demo - Ex Soldier Returns Army Medal . #

  98. Does 1 John 4 Prove Muhammad was a Prophet? . #

  99. TSA Thugs Strip Search Young Boy . #

  100. RT crew arrested in US filming at 'School of Assassins' . #

  101. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK Assassination : Deathbed Confession 1/3 . #

  102. Irish Police Stop Protestors From Entering Parliament: Video . #

  103. Gerald Celente on Fox and Friends 21 November 2010 . #

  104. The Interesting Origin of 2012 Theories . #

  105. Arrested RT correspondent talks about police brutality at Fort Benning . #

  106. The Real Deal-Canadian War on Terror-11-21-2010-(Part2) . #

  107. The Real Deal-Canadian War on Terror-11-21-2010-(Part1) . #

  108. Great overview: "Ellen Brown: Whats Really Behind QE2?" via @AddToAny #

  109. More Psy-Ops: Private Intel Warned 'Catastrophic' Airline Attack Same Bombing Method Used Against Saudi - Newsweek #

  110. Zionist, anti-Christ, Sarah Palin, explains why Palestinians must be removed to make room for Jews via @AddToAny #

  111. You need to know: "Destructive Neoliberal Austerity," by Stephen Lendman via @AddToAny #

  112. Anglo-Irish Bondholders Should Take Losses; ECB Forcing Ireland to Protect German Investments? - Guy Fawkes' blog #

  113. TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can't Leave, Will Be Fined — News from via @AddToAny #


  115. YouTube - Chertoff got Multi-Million $ Contract Advising Gov. to get Useless, Fascist Scanners via @AddToAny #

  116. DHS Head Chertoff Got 350 Million Dollar Contract Advising Govt X-Ray Scanners Would Solve Problems . #

  117. Alex Jones arrested for refusing to thumbscan . #

  118. Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution [and airport scanners and groping] - Wikipedia via @AddToAny #

  119. "...fines owed by BP for their Clean Water Act violations will only be available for addressing future oil spills...." Fix that stupid law. #

  120. "North Korea said...the South...ignored repeated warnings not to hold military exercises...and began the firing." #

  121. Devil Mammon in charge: TSA: Some govt officials to skip airport security - Travel - News - via @AddToAny #

  122. Video Link: Zionism Still Blocking Much Medical and Other Aid for Little Children via @AddToAny #

  123. #

  124. Once the fascists privatize the TSA, the scanning & groping will be fine with them. It's only bad because they aren't making money off it. #

  125. God damn this obfuscation: "TSA workers face verbal abuse from travelers - todaytravel -" #

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  127. "A Roman Catholic priest has been arrested on charges that he solicited a hit man to kill a teenager who had accused him of sexual abuse." #

  128. "(Reuters) - Half of Americans say the enhanced passenger security patdowns at U.S. airports go too far." The other 1/2 is ignorant & duped. #

  129. Plutocrats don't let one hand know what the other is up to. You will be rewarded and then slapped down without notice. #

  130. Oklahomans voted 70% that courts not consider Sharia, but courts consider Jewish, Christian, and other law/canons concerning free exercise. #

  131. "Please Remove Your Prosthetic Breast" or you can't board the plane and you're fired. #

  132. Tea Party repeals Obamacare. Many people die because of it. Single-Payer Movement comes back, gets full public hearing (for once), and wins. #

  133. Repeal Obamacare during the next two years. While you try, all the horror stories about the greedy parasitic execs will come back in spades. #

  134. People behind not allowing single-payer into the debate and Senate hearings are the same ones who protect and enrich banksters. #

  135. "...death for insulting Islam." Keep that up as Muslims start living all over the world more & more, and you'll end up with death to Islam. #

  136. "The military also said Iran continued to provide weapons and training to the Taliban." They've never shown any proof of this Zionist crap. #

  137. Zionist Israel, when you start abiding by UN resolutions, you can talk about Iran; but Iran will still have the right to nuclear energy. #

  138. EU bans Afghan airlines from EU airspace for failure of a proper safety regime. Afghan flights had been blowing out of the sky over the EU? #

  139. When I see what the Zionists have done and still do to Palestinians, Zionist appeals to the Jewish holocaust ring exceptionally hollow. #

  140. The United States, Russia, & China are working against a ban on cluster bombs because their leaders are stupid and evil. #

  141. "One billion people cannot afford healthcare: WHO." That's because there are billionaires blocking them. #

  142. Has anyone noticed mine disaster after mine disaster after mine disaster all over the world? Who thinks money should be only gold & silver? #

  143. "AQAP said in its online Inspire magazine, posted overnight on militant websites." As usual, this is completely unsubstantiated: Psy-ops. #

  144. Not one single American knows where the CIA leaves off and AQAP begins. Not even anyone in the CIA knows. #

  145. "Ben Venzke, an expert on [AQAP "Inspire magazine"] ... and CEO of IntelCenter"? Not everyone thinks he's legit. #

  146. The lying Zionists want you to believe everything they plant in Western media about the so-called AQAP. If you do, you're an ignoramus. #

  147. Israeli court-martial suspended prison sentences for soldiers who forced a Palestinian boy to search for booby-traps in the Gaza invasion. #

  148. Mohammed Abdulsalam to AFP: "attack was 'American and Israeli intelligence services to plunge Yemen into confessional and tribal conflict.' #

  149. FDR Ends Gold Standard in 1933 . #

  150. Ronald Reagan Speech - 1964 Republican National Convention . #

  151. Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948 . #

  152. Private bankers killed JFK . #

  153. FDR on mortgages, gold, reflation, and labor standards . #

  154. JFK Confers with Advisors on Gold & the Balance of Payments . #

  155. Barry Goldwater: "Extremism in the defense of liberty..." . #

  156. Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System . #

  157. #

  158. American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) porno, anti-America-espionage scandal via @AddToAny #

  159. #

  160. #

  161. I'm sorry for the plain links (no titles or anything). It was our Facebook Page to Twitter. I turned it off. #

  162. The Zionist Project is in a firing zone and should be knocked down, including synagogues, to protect the Zionists. . #

  163. "One fifth of Facebook users are exposed to malware contained in their news feeds...": BitDefender #

  164. Organizing Notes: "SOUTH KOREA FIRED FIRST SHOTS," by Bruce K. Gagnon via @AddToAny #

  165. In your face: BBC News - "Facebook looks to trademark the word 'face'" via @AddToAny #

  166. Must-read article: "Goldstein's Massacre at the Mosque" | Rebel News - Dissident News and Analysis #

  167. "Texas jury...found former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay...guilty of money laundering and conspiracy." #

  168. "Last month, authorities thwarted the bombing of U.S.-bound cargo flights." The first investigators said it was not explosive material. #

  169. "Last Christmas Day, a man tried to set off a bomb in his underwear." Someone in US intelligence vetoed blocking him from flying to the US. #

  170. "Yemen-based group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for both plots." That's an unproven claim by Zionist fronts. #

  171. To end terrorism, end imperialism and colonialism. Properly address the legitimate grievances of others. Speak truth. Do good, not evil. #

  172. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said politicians need to make private investors share in the risk of future debt crises. Why not right now? #

  173. "Why did North Korea launch its latest attack?" Why did the South and US start firing first? With tensions high, the US provoked. #

  174. The Pope said that if you are going to be evil and be a male prostitute, then the lesser of evils is using condoms. Any questions? #

  175. On what grounds did Denver District Judge Larry Naves set aside the jury's verdict in the Ward Churchill case? #

  176. They're floating full-body scans at US courthouses to gauge the reaction. Prophecy: Are the people going to sleep walk into a police state? #

  177. "Airport protest never takes off; few delays seen." What did you expect? People wanted to get where they planned and not delay others. #

  178. "Airport protest never takes off; few delays seen." Don't get the idea it's over. It's barely even begun. #

  179. Warren Buffett: "I think that people at the high end — people like myself — should be paying a lot more in taxes." #

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