Does William M. Windsor's Case Document U.S. Federal Judiciary Systemic Corruption?

William M. Windsor

If William M. Windsor's story rendered on the linked webpage is true (and I have no reason at this point to believe otherwise), it exposes systemic corruption in the federal government. Excerpt:

These judges routinely ignored the facts and the law and even invented their own facts.[43]  These judges have made rulings that are absolutely contrary to the law.  Judge Evans even denied us any ability to obtain the names of witnesses that we needed to depose. She granted a summary judgment for Maid on the key issue in the case – an oral agreement for six months in 2005 — based upon the following: Maid testified that its president was not aware of an agreement with Alcatraz. There was no other testimony from Maid other than this one statement in the Verified Complaint! Alcatraz provided a Verified Answer, multiple sworn affidavits, and extensive deposition testimony detailing the exact terms of the oral agreement from the people who made the oral agreement with Maid. This clearly created at least a fact issue that defeated summary judgment, but Judge Evans invented facts that weren't true and weren't in the record, ignored the truth, and claimed her facts trumped the A&W's sworn testimony. As there was a contract, there was no tortious interference, but there was breach of contract by Maid, and A&W should have won the case.

via My Story.

When the George W. Bush administration got off scot-free for all its lies in the lead up to wars, illegal wire tappings, torturings, no-bid contracts (handled illegally), firings of whistleblowers, uses of chemical weaponry on unarmed civilians, banking and other frauds, routine denials of due process, secretive court dealings, and cover-ups of 9/11 and other events (is there any area where it didn't violate the laws?), it became clear that the US had become more blatantly lawless than at any other time in my lifetime up to that point. I wrote that at the time.

From the moment they first heard him or even heard of him, many people put their hopes and faith in Barack Obama. I did not, not even slightly. He struck me as just another in the long string of "Presidents" in my lifetime, with the possible partial exceptions of Kennedy and Carter, who are corrupted by the plutocrats against the citizenry as a whole.

What has Obama done? He's compromised as much as humanly possible on the side of the corrupt all the while trying to sound as if he really gives a damn about the citizenry as a whole and each member of it.

Even though huge corruption in banking and all sorts of other areas has been exposed, Barack Obama has done as much as he can (short of the people rising up to overthrow the corrupt government) to give the plutocrats exactly what they order while Obama placates, or tries to, the whole people. He hides behind his "don't look back" mantra, which is a sure fired recipe for repeating the same mistakes (and he's known that all along).

If this man's story is correct, if William M. Windsor is telling the truth and the US Supreme Court refuses to make his son and him whole and to bring down the corrupt judges cited by William, then the government of the United States of America is shown once again to be illegal and illegitimate.

I do not advocate violence in overthrowing it.

I will say right here though that those who take up arms against a systemically corrupted government have the lesser sin relative to those within that systemically corrupted government who seek to prevent its overthrow.

Who can doubt it?

Look, did Alcatraz Media have a contract with "Maid of the Mist" that Maid of the Mist operatively breached? If so, who is Judge Orinda D. Evans (retired; semi-retired?), and why did she rule in favor of Maid of the Mist at every turn. Further, why has every court and judge thereafter also sided with Maid of the Mist and Evans, according to William, concerning every single motion against Maid of the Mist?


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      Your blog is about me, and everything that I have said is absolutely true and documented. See" target="_blank">

      The proof that I have of the corruption goes way past the initial bogus ruling. Virtually every order on every issue was wrong -- intentionally ignoring the facts and the law.

      Please spread the word on this because the mainstream media is afraid of the judges, and they are not reporting it. We are all in serious trouble, and it will be up to all of us to do something about it.

      • Thank you for your comment, William.