Obama Administration and Neocons Want Totally Evil, Unconstitutional, Un-American Indefinite Detention

Look, Obama administration and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, you can't declare a war where the enemy is just anyone you feel like labeling the "enemy" (where you have no demonstrable evidence against them) and then grab people from where ever you want and hold them for the rest of their lives. You do that, and you are monsters in need of overthrowing.

I have seen nothing where you are even attempting to protect the innocent who may be (and some have been) swept up as so-called enemy-combatants or terrorists, etc.

We have clear evidence of totally innocent people having been "extraordinarily rendered" (kidnapped and sent to torture regimes). If there had been zero due process for them, as proposed by that unrepentant, moral-midget, Zionist-Fascist sycophant, Lindsey Graham, we would still not know anything about their fate.

Obama Administration and Neocons Want Totally Evil, Unconstitutional, Un-American Indefinite Detention

Ghailani was never going to walk out of the courtroom a free man because the Obama Justice Department, from Attorney General Eric Holder on down, has made clear that if any high-profile terrorism suspects are acquitted, they will never go free. They would be held as enemy combatants instead.

via Obama Administration Weighs Indefinite Detention : NPR.

You will note the term "suspects" there. These are not proven terrorists. How many are totally innocent? Regardless, the "war" against "terrorists" is not always that at all. In many cases, the war is against people defending their own lands against illegal and immoral invasion.

The US had zero "legal" right to invade Afghanistan. The Taliban had offered Osama bin Laden to the US provided the US provide evidence of his guilt. The US could not do that. It had none and still has none.

Furthermore, the US invasion and occupation of Iraq was absolutely blatantly illegal. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam Hussein had not blocked the weapons inspectors at all. We all knew that. Bush wanted to side-step the UN inspections all together. Only Colin Powell insisted on UN cover, with Tony Blair's backing on that. Powell, of course, wasn't worried about truth. He was concerned with giving ammunition to the Anti-War Movement.

Bush, Cheney, and their neocon/Zionist cabinet and the AIPAC, etc., drummed up those wars for Empire, pure and simple.

Right now, they are drumming for war against Iran in much the same way — without a shred of evidence — not a shred.

At least Obama's Pentagon has been more willing to say no to the Zionists. However, Obama lost the vast majority of the political capital he had by saying one thing but doing the other concerning the banksters, so the neocons pretending to be Tea Party Members have the House and will often swing the Senate with backroom money deals from the Jewish Lobby.

It's time to clean house. The neocons must go.

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