On account of evil-government enticement/incitement, "Mohamed Osman Mohamud Arrested In Portland Car Bomb Plot"


Mohamed Osman Mohamud Arrested In Portland Car Bomb Plot.

It should be absolutely illegal for anyone in government to do these "stings." There is no way for anyone to know whether or not a person such as Mohamed Osman Mohamud (what's with the two different spellings?) would ever have done anything without government enticement/incitement?

When a government engages in these sting operations, it is acting in the capacity of the evil tempter or temptress, as the case may be. In clean and clear conscience, how can the people condone such activity by their government?

You will note that the article refers to "coded language." Who broke this coded language? How do we know that there was language used that means what we are vaguely supposed to accept meant Mohamud was really final on some desire to inflict injury and death on Americans just because they are Americans (many of whom are adamantly opposed to US foreign policy under Bush/Obama, etc.).

I would not be a bit surprised to learn that the "code-breaker" is some Zionist/Mossad-front organization that will stoop to anything to build a Zionist empire covering the entire Middle East.

Someone or some group working in government could very easily put bureaucratic empire building above morality and see Mohamed Osman Mohamud as an easy tool to create a situation that would not otherwise ever occur and where "law-enforcement" and/or "intelligence" may characterize itself/themselves as the heroes —  saving the crowd in Portland from the dreaded terrorist (they helped to create).

The article does not provide a transcription of all of the communications Mohamed Osman Mohamud had with the alleged Pakistani(s) or with US government agents. There is no way based upon the article that any thinking person can be confident that the government did not spur on Mohamed Osman Mohamud.

The government has been caught often acting as provocateur.  Provoking people is decidedly evil. Therefore, when the government engages in such activity, it is evil. There is no other correct way of viewing it.

The government was evil regarding Mohamed Osman Mohamud and has not made things better but rather worse.

If the government got wind of Mohamed Osman Mohamud communicating with anyone in Pakistan for evil reasons, then the proper thing to have done would have been to work on Mohamed Osman Mohamud to convert him from any evil intentions or thoughts. The best way to have done that would have been to take away his ammunition, not supply him with it (inert or not).

By the way, the government has provided live explosives. For example, the first Twin Towers bombing was done with FBI supplied explosives — a fact largely ignored and suppressed in the corporate, propagandistic, mainstream media. Consider that if you think the 9/11 Truth Movement is a joke. I repeat. The FBI supplied the explosives in the first Twin Towers bombing. Americans died in that bombing. If the van-bomb had been parked a little differently, it is theorized that the whole building could have come down. How many thousands (tens of thousands) would have died due to the FBI bomb? Yet, there are those who remain spellbound saying the US government would never....

Also consider the lie that was the Gulf of Tonkin incident upon which the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based that really revved up the Vietnam War on account of which there are 58,195 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC (not to mention the millions of Vietnamese who died and are yet dying due to Agent Orange and other US-war causes). Yet, 1) the government would never sacrifice non-military (civilian) Americans and 2) the thousands who were there and who knew it was a fake would have come out about it. Well, some actually did come out about it, but the naysayers plugged their ears just as they have had them plugged about 9/11.

Taking away the ammunition from Mohamed Osman Mohamud would have consisted of properly addressing grievances and giving aid and assistance to relieve pain and suffering, etc.

I am totally against these stings.

To me, they are disgusting. I do not look upon those who do these stings as heroes or saviors or protectors in any sense of those words. I view them as exactly what I said above: Tempters. Another name for the Tempter is Satan. They, in my religion, are the sons and daughters of Satan.

In addition, the point of doing it the evil way is to instill fear in the hearts of the people so that they will accept a police state. Once all the surveillance and other technology is in place, those behind those at the controls will be in a position to dictate whatever they want and to cause people to simply disappear without cause.

Right now, we have the furor over the unhealthy pornographic scanners and sexual molestations at the airports. The coercive-control freaks are planning scanners everywhere. Since the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland was chosen as the target (supposedly by Mohamud, but I wouldn't be surprised if the government planted that idea), the government will now have the sheep being led to the slaughter believing that it is in everyone's best selfish interest that the government scan everyone moving about anywhere and everywhere.

Listen, you won't be allowed out of your house without being scanned at your door. It isn't to stop there either. You will be required to have scanners/sensors in your house full time. If you break them or disable them or block them, you will be arrested and placed in an environment where you will be unable to turn off the surveillance.

Furthermore, the surveillance will be networked to super computers that will read everything about you gauging your reaction to the whole lack of freedom and privacy. If it "thinks" it detects any lack of total submission and subservience to the state of affairs, you will be dealt with.

The methods of dealing with you will change rapidly until the machines will do with you whatever they want.

At some point, humans will lose control over the machines/computers. The technology will eventually struggle with issues, just as humans struggle now.

The curtain will be drawn back.

Will we let things get to this point, or will we turn in time?

The wrong people are in charge. The greedy are in charge. They are the wrong leaders. They have been leading humanity to Hell for thousands of years, and the process is greatly accelerating before your very eyes. Open them all the way.

We need universal repentance before it is too late. We need the Christian Commons everywhere. Please join now. Spread the truth.


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