YouTube - The Video the US Military doesn't want you to see! [Do not watch just the first 6 minutes]

Oh, this video.... It does the job. As if the first six minutes isn't enough to convince, all Hell breaks loose. It will grab you, throw you around, and make your hair stand up on end if you have feelings and even if you'd seen everything that was in the first six minutes many times before.

What is going to become of "We the People"? We can't live under this plutocracy. It is not life. It is darkness and death. The Earth is in Hell right now. Being happy with the way things are is a mental disease and spirit of the grave.

I was wondering where the soldiers were who would turn their guns on the "Americans" who raped the 14-year-old girl and killed her family. What exactly are they fighting for?

The last six minutes of the video, and the first six minutes too, says it all. They are fighting for the plutocrats who don't give a damn about them. They are just stupid animals — tools of the likes of Henry Kissinger in the Grand Chessboard that is the imperial game for world domination by the sociopaths that Satan has raised up here on Earth and who will fall harder than hard — be ground into powder and smashed to pieces because "No justice, no peace."

Oh, God!

Tom Usher

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