Free Mordechai Vanunu from the Zionist anti-Christs |

I just thanked a friend for joining the cause to Free Mordechai Vanunu.

I'd like to share what I wrote to him:

The Zionists push for Iran to be open about their supposed nuclear-weapons program. They want the Iranians to prove a negative — prove they don't have such a program.

Saddam Hussein let the UN weapons inspectors into Iraq year after year. They found nothing and said so, but the neocons/Zionists kept insisting he prove the negative.

Vanunu is living proof that Zionist Israel (a misnomer) has had secret nuclear-weapons for decades. What hypocrites they are. What hypocrites the US leaders are who back them.

Christians want the truth. Jesus teaches that the truth makes us free. Mordechai is in and out of solitary-confinement prisons (more than 18 years) because he told the truth about the lying Zionist Project.

Tell everyone who professes Christ that there is no such thing as a Christian-Zionist. We are not Talmudist! We are not Pharisees! They murdered Jesus by proxy and still want Christianity destroyed. They hate truth!

Shame on people who call themselves Christians who dwell on the Old Testament while ignoring Jesus's clear and plain words about truth, peace, and love.

Join the cause, and invite your friend, family, and associates: Free Mordechai Vanunu |

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