The "Parallel-States Solution" for Palestine/Israel is a Waste of Time: "Obama: getting 'poned' Bibi style" - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

The "Parallel-States Solution" for Palestine/Israel is a Waste of Time: "Obama: getting 'poned' Bibi style" - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Barack Obama at the AIPAC (Zionist "Jewish Lobby") in the US

Mark LeVine, "professor of history at UC Irvine and senior visiting researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University in Sweden," putting forth what others and he term the "parallel states solution" solution for Palestine. The gist of it is the idea that two states would be superimposed over one territory. There would be a Jewish state over all of Palestine/Israel and there would be a Palestinian state over all of Palestine/Israel. Mark states, "The legal systems of both states would also have to be harmonised."

via Obama: getting 'poned' Bibi style - Opinion - Al Jazeera English.

This is nothing but another way of expressing the one-state solution where the individual "rights" of people are respected as much as one might conceive possible while they live side-by-side.

Look, who would decide the zoning laws? In order to imagine this parallel state concept, one must anticipate all the local nitty-gritty. Who would put out the fires? Would there be a Zionist fire department to put out fires where Zionist's property is burning and a Palestinian fire department to do the same but only for Palestinians? Who would have arrest rights over whom? What courts would have jurisdiction?

I hope Mark means well, but this parallel state idea is more than a waste of time. It's just playing with terminology that gets no one anywhere. The exact same mental and spiritual obstacles blocking "harmony" now remain with this "parallel states solution" notion. It is not a seeming magic trick. It's an idea that hasn't been thought through at all.

How can it get anywhere? I don't see it. However, I see plenty of equally bad ideas being promoted in all sorts of areas, so I'm learning more and more not to underestimate the extreme short-sightedness of people, even the well-intentioned.

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