Twitter Digest: November 30, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: November 25, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  2. Mainstream news has been saying the Opt-Out Day didn't work, but Alex Jones' site reports scanners were turned off and pat-downs stopped. #

  3. Will mainstream, corporate news report how many scanners were turned off and pat-downs stopped (to avoid Opt-Out protests)? #

  4. Many decided not to fly but use other travel means. That will increase, but the TSA plans to scan and molest at trains, subways, & buses. #

  5. Reportedly, "TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests" via @AddToAny #

  6. Big Sister [Janet Napolitano] Wants Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls via @AddToAny #

  7. On Pres. Obama's veto (sustained 11/17/2010) of terrible H.R.3808: Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2009 #

  8. Does William M. Windsor's Case Document U.S. Federal Judiciary Systemic Corruption? via @AddToAny #

  9. Obama Administration and Neocons Want Totally Evil, Unconstitutional, Un-American Indefinite Detention via @AddToAny #

  10. TSA Promise of No Cavity Searches is Based Upon Totally False Rationale by Administrator John Pistole via @AddToAny #

  11. Among other factors, destroying Glass-Steagall via Gramm–Leach–Bliley deregulation cascaded the destruction of the American dollar. #

  12. Gramm–Leach–Bliley (monopolists) plus NAFTA started the beginning of the end. Bush's bankster bailout started frosting the plutocrats' cake. #

  13. Wikileaks' Defense of Julian Assange via @AddToAny #

  14. TSA Screwing Up Airport Security? Turn to Israel (NOT) « Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place #

  15. What the TSA Patdown Searches Are Really About | via @AddToAny #

  16. House of Lords; 1 November, 2010; Lord James of Blackheath: Foundation X via @AddToAny #

  17. Great Ray McGovern point: If a shopkeeper is taken for the #2 Taliban, who are the people being killed by the drones? #

  18. Judge Andrew Napolitano: "It's Time to Change Our Government!!" 2/2 . #

  19. Webster Tarpley: Manufactured Terrorism & The N/S Korea Staged Crisis - Alex Jones Tv 1/2 . #

  20. Police crackdown, US activists lose rights . #

  21. Judge Andrew Napolitano: "It's Time to Change Our Government!!" 1/2 . #

  22. US police disregard civil liberties . #

  23. Naked truth behind naked body scanners . #

  24. Webster Tarpley: Manufactured Terrorism & The N/S Korea Staged Crisis - Alex Jones Tv 2/2 . #

  25. Taliban imposter fools NATO . #

  26. Keiser Report on Silver Revolt: 'Crash JP Morgan' Goes Viral! . #

  27. Keiser Report â„–98: Markets! Finance! Scandal! . #

  28. Truth Is Out: Katyn massacre carried out on Stalin's direct orders . #

  29. On account of evil-government enticement/incitement, "Mohamed Osman Mohamud Arrested In Portland Car Bomb Plot" #

  30. We have choices: Various kinds of stimulus or austerity. We've had the fake stimulus (bankster bailouts). We need the real version. #

  31. Deficit hawks completely ignore best alternative: Interest-free, tax-free, full-legal-tender United States Notes. Pay off the National Debt. #

  32. YouTube - "Austerity Road to 19th Century: James Crotty: Right-wing billionaires use crisis to weaken social safety net" #

  33. Austerity Road to 19th Century . #

  34. RFK, Jr. and Jeff Sharlet Discuss "C Street" . #

  35. YouTube - The Video the US Military doesn't want you to see! [Do not watch just the first 6 minutes] via @AddToAny #

  36. "The National Security State and the Assassination of JFK": The US would do a false-flag attack. It has, often. #

  37. "Ron Paul on 'Opt-Out Day': 'If we tolerate' the TSA, 'there's something wrong with us'." I agree, but I won't kill TSA agents. #

  38. Kairos Palestine.wmv . #

  39. Portugal Goes Pop? 'Euro burning, people pay, bankers get away' . #

  40. YouTube - Eroll Garner: "I get a kick out of you." via @AddToAny #

  41. Tom Woods Defends Constitutionality of Nullification on Freedom Watch . #

  42. Portugal's Jobless Turn to Charities for Financial Aid . #

  43. On the Edge with Max Keiser-California Dreaming-11-26-2010-(Part1) . #

  44. Erroll Garner 1964 . #

  45. On the Edge with Max Keiser-California Dreaming-11-26-2010-(Part2) . #

  46. On the Edge with Max Keiser-California Dreaming-11-26-2010-(Part3) . #

  47. Alternate Reality-War on Kids-11-17-2010-(Part1) . #

  48. RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms . #

  49. American Dream-Hungry in America-11-22-2010-(Part3) . #

  50. Alternate Reality-War on Kids-11-17-2010-(Part2) . #

  51. Alternate Reality-War on Kids-11-17-2010-(Part3) . #

  52. American Dream-Hungry in America-11-22-2010-(Part1) . #

  53. Obama's economic policy failed, GOP will be worse . #

  54. American Dream-Hungry in America-11-22-2010-(Part2) . #

  55. Who Pays the Bill for the Fed's QE2? . #

  56. Naked Capitalism and QE2 . #

  57. Austerity Could Lead to Lost Decade . #

  58. Free Mordechai Vanunu from the Zionist anti-Christs | via @AddToAny #

  59. "Parallel-States Solution" for Palestine/Israel Waste of Time: "Obama: getting 'poned' Bibi style" Al Jazeera #

  60. If WikiLeaks is a Neocon/Zionist disinfo op, roll out more: "GORDON DUFF: WIKILEAKS, A TOUCH OF ASSANGE...STENCH OF AIPAC #

  61. Part of why Gordon Duff really dislikes the Zionists and AIPAC: "AIPAC SPYING, WHY IS THE FBI LOOKING THE OTHER WAY?" #

  62. Future Passiv - Comfortable, cheap and saving the planet . #

  63. "U.S. says WikiLeaks release would endanger lives" US evil secrets have killed tens of millions. #

  64. BBC now admits al qaeda never existed . #

  65. Which is more important, allowing openly homosexuals in the U.S. military or ending war? Where's the Anti-War Movement on this, censored? #

  66. WikiLeaks Archive — Cables Uncloak U.S. Diplomacy - Interactive Feature - via @AddToAny #

  67. The US Diplomatic Leaks: A Superpower's View of the World - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International via @AddToAny #

  68. WikiLeaks release: The US embassy cables | World news | via @AddToAny #

  69. 35 billion Euros out of 85 total for Ireland is for bailing out banksters. What a stupid, evil decision that is. #

  70. WikiLeaks says it's under a cyber attack. I was actually surprised I got through instantly on their site twice today. #

  71. Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks reveal US views about Spain · ELPAÍ in English via @AddToAny #

  72. The NYT says that WikiLeaks plans to release cables on WikiLeaks' site in batches. #

  73. "In all, The [New York] Times plans to post on its Web site the text of about 100 cables — some edited, some in full." — NYT #

  74. The Feds are upset that their secrets didn't remain so; but what goes around, comes around. Remember, you spy on all of your own citizens. #

  75. WikiLeaks "initially intends to post only limited cable extracts, and to redact identities." — The Guardian #

  76. US embassies told to obtain "iris scans, fingerprints and measures, passwords, personal encryption keys". Tsk-tsk #

  77. Bradley Manning had access because "9/11 attacks...revealed gaps in intra-governmental...sharing." You break Frank Church's rules, you pay. #

  78. In direct reaction to this now public information, the White House and State Department say embassy staff... re: . #

  79. Certainly, many of the "secret" cables, being termed cablegate, are internal, false propaganda — stringing along. #

  80. The authors of the cablegate cables toe the imperial party-line. It is psychologically self-reinforcing pretenses for belligerence. #

  81. This is Zionist Brainwashing: "WikiLeaks Reveals Iran's Secret, Worldwide Arms Hunt | Danger Room |" #cablegate #

  82. Mousavi in Iran, according to the #cablegate cables, is a big proponent of privatization. How do his Western "leftist" backers spin that? #

  83. The "Saudi king urges US strike on Iran." Then, "The Saudi foreign ministry cautions against attacking Iran." #

  84. What's not surprising about #cablegate is how predictable the cables are. They substantiate views stated in much serious Alternative Media. #

  85. "The embassy cables will be released in stages over the next few months. do otherwise would not do this material justice." I disagree. #

  86. SPIEGEL: "...the lesson of...[ #cablegate ] is that the Arab leaders use...friends in Washington to expand their own positions of power." #

  87. So far, there are no smoking guns revealed via #cablegate WikiLeaks still hasn't matched the Pentagon Papers. Someone, leak 9/11. Do it! #

  88. Who Benefits From Deflation? . #

  89. Hot Money Creating Havoc in Global Economy . #

  90. Deficit Hawks Continue Post-WWII Attack on Labor . #

  91. A 1946 Call To Action Pt 1 . #

  92. Parasitical Capital Not Lack of Gold the Problem . #

  93. The Truth about the Wall Street Bailout: How "Free Market Capitalism" Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the... . #

  94. The Dragon in the Room . #

  95. Connections and Corruption in Afghanistan . #

  96. A 1946 Call To Action Pt 2 . #

  97. "Pentagon study: Homosexuals could serve with no harm." Everyone can serve Hell with no harm. Believing that leads to doomed. How long? #

  98. 70% "predicting that lifting the ban would have positive, mixed or no results." Mixed can include nuking the Pentagon, stupid twisters. #

  99. "The survey is based on responses by...44,200 military spouses." Homosexual orgies in the barracks causes new rule: "Do tell, Don't do." #

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