Excerpt and commentary: "The charge of the media brigade," by John Pilger; and the Homosexuals' Pentagon

Excerpt and commentary: "The charge of the media brigade," by John Pilger; and the Homosexuals' Pentagon

John Pilger, journalist

Melvin Goodman is now a scholar at Johns Hopkins University in Washington. He was in the CIA more than 40 years and rose to be a senior Soviet analyst. When we met the other day, he described the conduct of the cold war as a series of gross exaggerations of Soviet "aggressiveness" that wilfully ignored the intelligence that the Soviets were committed to avoid nuclear war at all costs. Declassified official files on both sides of the Atlantic support this view. "What mattered to the hardliners in Washington," he said, "was how a perceived threat could be exploited." The present secretary of defence, Robert Gates, as deputy director of the CIA in the 1980s, had constantly hyped the "Soviet menace" and is, says Goodman, doing the same today "on Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran".

via The charge of the media brigade.

What is War Secretary Bob Gates also spending a great deal of his time on? He's been working and working to get more homosexuals in service to the Plutocrats' Murder Machine that is the Pentagon. What's that about? Well, it's not about "equal rights." I can tell you that. He's not doing any of them a real favor. They are completely deluded.

When the next big war comes where the U.S. actually faces formidable foes, those who scrambled to kiss the worldly emperor's feet will rue the day. They will get what they created.

Where's the pure? I want the pure. I want to be healed. I want all to come clean. Don't you?

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